Brunch at Resto – Only the Bestest

“I’m not used to seeing you when it’s light out” – Chef Bobby Hellen

I think I go to Resto more than any other restaurant while living here in the NYC. I LOVE it. LOVE it.  – In fact it was the FIRST place I ate at the day I moved here – other than Gray’s Papaya….

Come on, the slogan is “Bringing Fat Back…” not that it’s ever left. At least not me.  Not to mention it’s Chef Rick Gresh‘s fav place here in the city – ALSO their amazing Tete de Cochon sammies. AND Chef Bobby is a FUCKING genius. There, I said it, profanity and all – it’s out there in the world – he can turn into protein into PERFECTION – simple and delicious.

So as much as I keep seeing Bobby at Food Events [like Meatopia] and going to his beer/wine dinners… I still haven’t gone for his amazing brunch I’ve heard so much about.

Ah, yes, Brunch.

Got there a little late [stupid traffic] but it was SUPER busy so I sat at the bar downing yummy mimosas…. never too early to start drinking.

A few later, brunch date arrived and we got seated.

We started off with beignets. Cuz… why not, they’re freaking beignets.

cinnamon, sugar, chocolate sauce

These are SO freaking amazing. I could eat beignets until my legs and arms fall off and I’ll be eating them anyways.

Then came the frittata

brussel sprouts, gruyere, onion, arugula

This was light, fluffy and just really really delicious and didn’t make me feel heavy. It was SOOO delicious.

vermont cheddar, gruyere, bacon, pork belly

When I say best, I really mean BEST. It was creamy and cheesy and just….. absolutely amazing. The bacon/pork belly balanced perfectly with the creamy cheese – not overly salty at ALL – which is a plus for me  – AND altho it was a “big” sandwich, NOT heavy at all… deVOURED asap. x …. there was a nice arugula salad on the side.

Drooling over the gooooooooey cheese.

Sorry I look so goofy, it’s like mimosa #12039810923 Usually I’m a bloody mary whore [Resto’s bloody marys ARE amazing] but their mimosas were pheNOM!

and then i wanted eggs, gooey yolky delicious creamy raw yolks…. and boudin noir… so belgian breakfast it was…

boudin noir, bacon, sunny egg, tomato, homefries, english muffin

boudin noir on toast = HAPPY…. and sunny side eggs… NOM! I adore ADORE eggs.. and NO breakfast is EVER complete without eggs [I know I had the frittata but that doesn’t count, I need goopy yolk!]

of course a side of bacon…. thick amazing sliced bacon…

Oh Chef Bobby, I bow down to you and your almighty bacon – WHY are you SO awesome?!

and delicious and almighty, chicken ‘n’ waffles

bacon waffle, peppercorn gravy, sweet chili syrup

If chicken and waffles are on the menu – I WILL get it and I WILL eat it and hopefully I will enjoy it more than sex. Well at least decent sex. THIS WAS SOOOOO @#($*@)#$(*@#)($ … see there isn’t even a profanity that has been discovered yet to describe this SUCCULENT-ness. YES. If you follow my tweets, you know how SEXY I think the word “succulent” is ;D The sweet chili REALLY upped the yum factor. Fluffy and crisp waffle.. altho didn’t really taste the bacon – but EFFING AMAZING. Please, go and experience heaven. With or without me.

For dessert we got MORE beignets
berry compote, caramel , chocolate sauce

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Except I think it was a goat cheesy caramel… but still… ;D Told you I could eat beignets for FOR-EV-A

I forgot what this was, some sort of s’mores pretzel parfait…..
There was a marshmallow meringue… pretzels, chocolate, caramel, chocolate ice cream adn just total happiness… it was SUCH a great way to end the meal.

To be honest, our new waitress [our awesome first one left partway thru the shift] was kinda sketch. She didn’t really check up on us and the hostess actually ended up helping us out more – BUT…. Could’ve just been a “in that moment” thing.. and we did stay til the end of brunch time… but Resto is def another go-to spot for brunch for me – over and over again, aside from Norma’s….

— speaking of RESTO, finally saw the “Best Thing I Ever Ate” episode with Chef Michael Symon LOVING Bobby. :D snort snort snort <3 I was so proud and excited… mwahahaha I have Bobby’s number and YOUUUU DON’T *dork*

Lots and lots and LOTS of more blog entries in the works…. they’re all half written….


  1. Omg this brunch was definately the best we ever had! Thanks to Bobby, Resto and u! It was food that would make one sing and dance..even with the comforting fod coma



  1. […] the ONLY restaurant in NYC that I’ve been back to over and over and over and over and over and over and over again [yeah I'm losing count] and has NEVER let me down – EVER!!!! How many […]


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