The Ultimate Brewmaster’s Degustation

I’m a bad friend… one of my friends used to work here at MAS and I never visited :[ it’s not my fault… NYC has soooo many restaurants and this was always on my list. Too bad he doesn’t work here anymore….This is DEFINITELY going to be a frequent favorite.

This was definitely the most unique beer dinner I’ve ever been to. The beers were a-flowing, we had great speakers, familiar faces, and delicious fresh food. The flavors, texture and pairings were right on the mark.

For the beer geek who forays into foodiedom, the Ultimate Brewmaster’s Degustation is a must. Six courses of refined farm-fresh fare will be served alongside an array of impressive brews, in a collaboration between Mas chef and owner Galen Zamarra and Sean Paxton (the “Homebrew Chef”).

We started off with a light beer :] Lagunitas Pils, Czech Style Pilsner – delish!

We didn’t know the menu or the beers planned until we got there.


Trying to be lady like with my beer.

THEN we had to be moved :[ I was sad because I had such a good view of the brewers from the last spot.. not sure why they moved us and not anyone else :[ A group of three had come in and they only had a table of two open so we had to leave our 6 people table. Waaa.. we were neighbors with Andy too…

But in the end we got a really good view, most of the time, of the speakers…

Executive Chef & Owner, Galen Zamarra


Pacific Kushi Oyster with a Brewery Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale Sorbetto, Micro

Kusshi Oysters (Kushi oysters) are a Pacific Northwest oyster from one of the British Columbia oyster appellations by Vancouver Island, BC.  From the Japanese word for “ultimate’, Kusshi oysters are grown in the rich waters of Deep Bay, BC.  They are farmed by the tray suspension method coupled with a unique tumbling process.  Oysters which are cultivated by the  suspension method are the primadonnas of oyster.  They are suspended in mesh trays in deep water their entire lives, protected from predators, mud, sand and silt.  They have beautiful shells with deep cups, but they are an oyster shucker’s nightmare because their shells are brittle since they never had to fight for survival. Kusshi Oysters take the extra step of Tumbling which helps strengthen their shells.  The oyster flavor profile of suspended oysters tends to be clean, sweet & light, with meats which are tender.

Chef’s Resources

You know my obsession with oysters…. yummm… Remember Aquagrill and our order of like 40-50 oysters?…. Of course not, I’m SO BEHIND in entries :[ that and Boqueria will be up soon, I promise. ONWARDS.

Cheers!!! The oyster was very oceany, naturally salty and the Sorbetto brought a nice subtley sweet element to it. The microherbs gave it a more earthy taste and a nice crunch – which I always love. A bit more stronger tasting then the ever popular Kumamoto Oyster… I’m more of a East Coast Oyster girl but these were might tasty :] MORE PLEASE.

The amuse and the first course is paired with the favorite – Victory Golden Monkey!!!!

[see previous post about the awesome Victory Beer dinner at Colicchio & Sons]


Shrimp Crusted with Spaghetti Squash, Pancetta Foam, Upland Cress, Mizuna and Frisee Salad with Marcona Almonds and Horseradish Victory Prima Pils Dressing

OH MY. This was delicious. Super shrimpy taste, with a nice crust of the squash.  NOM.  The horseradish sauce was delicious, but could’ve used a little more horseradish – but that’s just because I’m a wasabi whore… I’m not even a huge creamy sauce person and this made me incredibly happy.

The most brilliant part of the dish was the almonds. Amazing almonds. Buttery fatty almonds. They were very macadamia-like and I am SO in love with them.

Next up was the Goose Island Brewery Sofie – MY FAV!!!!

Remember the Resto Goose Island dinner?!!!


Medallions of Monkfish Wrapped in Mustard Greens and Roasted in Black Olive Oil, Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Eggplant Sautéed with Candied Alphonso Olives and Capers.  Fried Lily Bulbs, Micro Amaranth, Arugula, Malt Vinegar Wort Gastrique and Confit Tangerine Peel

Tender fish with slightly sweet and salty pieces of olives. YUM. The delicious tangerine peels were a nice touch as well, gave a slight acidity and sweetness to the dish.  And then the slight crunch of the fried lily bulbs – perfection. Can I lick the plate?


Barrel Wood Smoked Duck Breast & ‘Bordelaise’ Tart- Duck Mousse with Huitlacoche and Chantrelle Mushrooms, Allagash Dubbel & Thyme Wheatberries with Grapefruit, Raisin, Black Pepper and Cardamom Compote, Wort Glazed Pearl Onions

OH-EM-GEE, the most perfectly cooked duck, it was more on the rare side and just so so sooooo tender. And I love anything with wheatberries, so this was my ultimate plate of the night. This plate was licked clean, everything paired so perfectly together. The beer they choice was perfection as well…nice and rich beer that could really stand up to the rich fatty duck.

The duck mousse wasn’t a creamy foie-like thing that I thought it would be – don’t you think that too when you hear mousse? You think pudding texture or custard [haha] but it was delicious in a little tart pasty like crust and yummy ground duck inside. A whole pie please!

Allagash Brewery Fluxus 2010

While we were eating our duck, Greg Hall, of Goose Island, came to walk around and talk to everyone – super awesome – so of course we chatted for awhile and found out that we were gonna end up at 3 different Craft Beer Events together this week. WOO :]

The most awesome Executive Chef, Sean Z. Paxton

A shot of some of the beers so far at the dinner… nom nom nom :]


Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale Braised Beef Short Ribs and Orange Glazed Escargot, Blue Hubbard Squash Local 1 Risotto with Parsley, Parmesan & Truffle Butter, Diced Purple Carrot, Butternut and Parsnips

This was paired with the Brooklyn Brewery Local 2 – Melt in your mouth happiness. Super super tender and REALLY amazing risotto – I could eat a TUB of it. What’s with Risotto and truffle that just works so freaking well together?!… I am so lucky with all the delicious risotto I’ve eaten in the past year. The purple carrots and the squash was such a nice addition to it. YUM!! OH, and how could I forget the escargots?!?!.. Subtle. They were delicious – haven’t really had snail in awhile and it’s yum yum yum. Chewy, tender, perfectly cooked [ick to overcooked escargot] and it was nice to eat it not all buttery and garlicky like every other french place.


Cheese Course
Local Cheeses served with Three Philosophers Honey
House made Brewery Spent Grain Crackers Dusted with Wattleseeds, Husk Cherries

The cheeses were paired beautifully with the Brewery Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale.  The cheeses were really good – even the stinky blue one. The crackers were full of flavor, crispy and the cherries were like mini tomatillos – very tart. YUM YUM.  Wish the cheese were in bigger portions – teehee

Me with Andy of Wined & Dined


Captain Lawrence Birra De Cicco Caramel Date Cake with a Wild Huckleberry Allagash Fluxus 2010 Sorbet, Barley Flour Shortbread and Butter ‘Ommegang Cup O Kyndness Scotch Ale’ Sauce

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Love date cakes… soft, sweet and sticky. Dates are just so perfect. It was a small dessert but oh-so-satisfying. The buttery crunch from the shortbread totally played in with the different textures of the sticky sweet of the date, the cool refreshing sorbet

Me with the genius himself, Chef Sean – we saw him again the next day [yesterday night] at the Brewer’s Choice at City Winery and he was super cool, it was nice to get to talk to him a lot more :]

And then right before we left they handed out some complimentary CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOWS!!! NOM!!! Fluffy and chocolately :] What a great way to end the night

Mas (Farmhouse)
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
39 Downing St.
New York, NY 10014


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