Pre-Theatre at Aureole

The original plan was set for my mommy. She was coming here to the City to celebrate her 28th birthday *wink* and I had set up a beautiful dinner at Aureole and had amazing tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Unfortunately we had some family things come up and my parents are now in Taiwan… but I wasn’t about to pass up a good meal and a good show….

I’m usually so hesitant about any restaurant near Times Square, but this place is SO SO worth it.

The beautiful Charlie Palmer’s Aureole

We started off with two glasses of Pommery, Brut Apanage [Champagne, France] Champagne :] Delicious

Lemon/Rosemary Bread + Tomato/Basil Bread
They were SOOOOO freaking tasty.  I fell in love with the lemon rosemary bread… like a soft fluffy sourdough YUM. And the tomato basil tasted like an Italian dinner rolled into fluffy bread. YAY.

We started off with an amuse bouche… it was a delicious Lamb Carpaccio… it was SO amazing, not gamey at ALL.

“Market” Sashimi

Summer Melons, Hearts of Palm, Lotus Root, Wasabi, Kalamansi Lime
Delicious. Loved the crispy salty lotus root, balanced perfect with all the light flavors.. I adored the melon gelees.. watermelon, honeydew & cantaloupe – NOM!

Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare

Daikon Radish, Nori Toast Points, Aji Amarillo, Miso Sake Dressing
The dressing was made into a “yolk” and it was sweet and delicious in the tuna.  It came with a few sides such as yuzu, red onion, daikon and chives… I loved just a simple red onion and chives.

Heirloom Tomatoes

West Coast Sea Urchin, Japanese Cucumber, Black Olives, Lemon Balm, Pine Nuts
It looks chaotic and but all of the flavors went so well together. There was a adelicious jelly… and then also some almond toffee. YUM!

Diver Sea Scallop “Sandwich”

Seared Foie gras, Sugar Snap Peas, Passion Fruit, Chives
SCAAAAALLLLOOOPS and FOIEEEEE… happy happy joy joy. The passion fruit sauce was delish. Love the crunch around the scallop too… they were like buttery crackers.

Florida Frog Legs

Green Asparagus, Cauliflower, Ibérico Pancetta, Poached Quail Egg
Tender… like always.. tastes like chicken, feels like fish. Yum yum. So many flavors and delicious pancetta. YUM!…. R didn’t notice the quail egg til the end – boo – but it was yummy on its own.

Alaskan Spotted Prawns

Jamón Ibérico, White Bean Purée, Haricot Vert, Sauce Sangria

I love the jamoooonnn… soooo freaking good. And it was R’s first time trying iberico.  The prawns were so meaty and perfectly cooked.

Sauté Foie Gras

Pineapple Cake, Coconut, Spicy Edamame, Yellow Thai Curry Cream

OMG I LOVE FOIE!!! Delicious fatty yumminess. The pineapple cake below was a great balance on the fatty.. yum. I could eat foie forever.

The foie was paired with a delicious, not too sweet, glass of Kracher

Fluke & Caviar

Green Asparagus, Lobster Mushrooms, Potato, Fennel Powder, Horseradish Leek Sauce
The flavors were great, but unfortunately the fish was overcooked and very tough… and the crust was a bit too salty.

Canadian Lobster

Cavaillon Melon, Baby Fennel, Watercress, Black Lentils, Coconut Lemongrass Sauce

Delicious lobster… the melons were sweet and fresh. The lobster wasn’t overcooked but just perfection and I adored the lentils underneath and the grilled baby fennel added a great taste. YUM.

Complimentary Granita with a delicious cream sauce next to it.

Chilled Watermelon Soup

Galia Melon Sorbet, Blueberries, Cucumber, Candied Olives
This is THE perfect ending to a summer meal. So light and refreshing. Not too sure how I felt about the candied olives but I loved the cucumber in it.

I think this was the Chocolate Mousse

White Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Meringue and Sweet Potato
I just remember the cracker on the bottom and the sweet potato dense custard on the side. OOOO and the meringue.

Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle

Earl Grey Creme Anglaise

Fluffy happiness. Perfectly cooked souffle and the early grey creme was AMAZINGGGGGG on it.. creamy and just melted all together.

I think this was some sort of an apple pie torte

Haha I couldn’t find it on the menu online.. but this was very delicious. I love anything appley…

Complimentary Churros with Chocolate

Churros always make me oh so happy. Crispy, cinnamony and wonderful dipped in the nice yummy dark chocolate.

My Irish Coffee

Our most awesome waiter Hector… :]

We were out by 745-750 and quickly ran to the Majestic for the 8pm showing of Phantom of the Opera


  1. You guys seriously have the BEST meals.


  2. lesouefsbrouilles says:

    wow such an extravagant meal! i love carpaccio too



  1. […] as much of a fan of the coconut sorbet… the souffle was good but needed some sauce [like the Earl Grey Sauce from Aureole] or something to make it less […]


  2. […] ate it growing up, and didn’t have my first bite OF lamb til college.. I’ve had SOME good lamb experiences and some bad so I’m always open to it :]  I also get REALLY excited when someone can take me […]


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