happy birthday part UN – piggie/clown style

I’m all about birthdays, especially when it’s mine…as a child I HATED having my birthday in the summer. Everyone else got punch and cupcakes during class and I would be one of the few that couldn’t. Sometimes I would celebrate it in June before school let out. I felt left out :[ But it’s been awhile since the days of ABC, eating playdoh and finger puppets. I LOVE having my birthday in the summer. Sunshine, great tans, and August is the easiest month to get out of work – slowest month of the year.

I abuse the fact that it’s my birthday and I tend to celebrate for the whole month of August. Thankfully all my friends and family are down with it and just go along with me. This year I decided to start early and have my first party on July 31 :]

What can I say, I’m addicted to birthday parties.. and finding the perfect bday dresses ;D — of course good food is a must… Remember last year?!

I have a HUGE crush on David Chang and his food and of course, pork… so it only seemed appropriate to go to Momofuku Ssam Bar

We got the 6-Course Prixe Fix Menu… but then added on a lot of other items.. because I’m a fatty like that ;D I’ll star * the items that we added on…

* greek sardine –

arugula, strawberry, toasted rice
Amazing. I don’t get why anyone would not like sardines.. it’s fishy, because it’s supposed to be. Salty, fresh and delicious. The strawberries and the arugula just added so much to it.

spanish mackerel –

melon, mustard
Not fishy at all.. super tender and I loved the sweetness that balanced off the slight savory to it.

bread + butter –

sea salt butter (vt) + whipped lardo
Apparently I’m the only one that was super excited about having whipped lardo ;D Pork fat is an amazing thing…. we had a few plates of the bread and it was demolished asap. We were all starved… we got to the place at 545 but we probably didn’t really start eating til way after 630. What can I say, my friends always roll late – haha LAME. But we had gotten our drink on by then.. especially with the help of Matt’s White Dog.. one sip and I was done…. except.. I kept going…

White dog is what distillers call whiskey when it comes off the still, but before it goes into the barrel. It is, in other words, raw whiskey, without the mellow flavors and rich hue that the barrel brings. It is as clear as water and if it is destined for the barrel, as opposed to the bottle, is strong.


country hams tasting  —

finville ham (finchville, ky)
broadbent ham (kuttawa, ky)
edward’s wigwam ham (surry, va)
Delicious!!! I don’t know which was which and they didn’t have the smoked ones – boo – but they were delish!

* pig head terrine –

summer beans, fried garlic
Obviously there is NO way I could have pig’s head on the menu and NOT get it. It was melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Rich, buttery tasting and perfection. Usually you eat headcheese cold, so it was nice to have tried it warm.

* heirloom tomatoes –

myoga, watermelon, soft tofu
How happy am I that this year’s tomatoes are SO much better than last year’s?……. yum yum yum.. the waitress said it was a little spicy but I didn’t taste any of the spice. Just very fresh and tender tomatoes and tofu. Light and happy with a nice light broth.

* sweet and sour crispy pig ears –

lemon balm, white poppy

Um. Helloooo.. my favorite… pig ears.. these were thick and chewy. I’ve only ever had them thinly sliced and super crunchy and usually cold so this was a nice touch. I’m not a sucker for sweet + sour, hello chinese take out, but these were fatty, crunchy, chewy and delicious.

steamed buns –

pork belly, hoisin, cucumbers, scallions

Who can NOT love pork belly? Fatty and delicious. I’m so used to just flavored pork belly it was nice just having steamed pork belly and just loving the natural state of it. With a light hoisin – usually I’m not a hoisin person too – and then the refreshing crisp cucs and scallions… fluffy steamed buns.. and of course tons of hot sauce over it :] Yay for sriracha. I was lucky, cuz I got two :D Yay for being the birthday girl. I. LOVE. 刮包 :]

seasonal pickles + kimchi

bouchot mussels –

mustard green, nigori broth
I’m obsessed with good mussels.. it’s hard not to order them if they’re on the menu. That’s why I’m always at Belgian mussel restaurants :]

* spicy honeycomb tripe –

ginger-scallion, celery, pickled tomatoes

I’m still confused about this one. I mean it was AMAZING but on the menu it came with our prix fixe but then we had to order it seperately?!?!.. Lame. But I ate pretty much the whole bowl…  hahahah why are people so mystified by tripe?… sigh* it’s okay, more for meeeeee

* whole lamb sausage –

jicama, cucumber, anise

kusshi oysters (bc)
Fresh, big and tasty. YUM!

kimchi, spicy sauce, rice, lettuce, salt, scallions etc… condiments for the bo ssam

bo ssam

I ate many many many MANY of these :] Stealing all the fattiest parts.

thai iced tea parfait –

lemon marscapone, almond tea crunch
For some reason we all thought it was pumpkin. The spices were really light… and I guess the color just looks like pumpkin – even tho wrong season LOL – LOVED the crunchies and in LOVE with the lemon marscapone. SO tart and tangy. We had like 4  of these plates.

ice cream pie –

pretzels, sweet corn, market berries
We all thought the crust was cornflakes.. wish the crust was saltier… and less.. chewy… but the sweet corn ice cream was really good :] We had like 4 of these plates to share too…

After a few many drinks, the guys loved playing with the Hello Kitty hats.

I opened up some unexpected cute gifts/cards from my lovies :D

Had a pink fuzzy tiara I wore for the rest of the night – nice face Chris.

And then we were off to Carnival. HUZZAH. As soon as I found out about it, I was like THIS. IS. SO. ME. Grey Goose Spiked Snow cones… contortionists.. adult fairground ?!… Games… AHHHH SOOO FUN…

I ended up winning the most toys out of our group at Carnival… :] A cute bug-eyed dino, HUGE one… and a huge bear, and my friend Ted got me this blue Monkey.. which quickly became BFFS with Dior :]

<3 Loves


  1. dior + bear = 2 cute



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