Meatopia 2010

I got VIP tickets to Meatopia last Sunday [July 11] which took place on Governor’s Island – just a short 5 minute ferry ride away! I was still a little boozy from the day before of champagne  :]…. but sooo hungry for meat!!! I was surprised that we could only have a certain amount of tastings… each tasting had to get checked off.. good thing some of the chefs just didn’t care about that –  come on, it’s all about the food :] So we got to try everything – even if we couldn’t we had 24 tastings between the two of us so it would’ve worked out either way.

Sea of Barbeque

1. Chris Hart / I-Que BBQ

Competition Style Pork Shoulder

SO SO SO tasty. The bbq sauce was soooo good, light but so full of flavor with a hint of sweet… the meat had some fat and crust to it… melt in your mouth. As soon as I turned around after a small bite, R ate it ALL :[ WAAAA…

Another sexy view of the pork.. sooooo freaking yum.

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