In the mood for Wine & Cheese

I have weird food swings. Yep, you heard me right, FOOD swings, not mood swings….. I crave something different every few minutes – or so it seems…. I’m gonna be a scary pregnant lady… hahhaha… so this particular morning I was in the mood for Maoz’ falafels… but by dinner time…. the verdict?

“I’m in the mood for wine & cheese”

I had heard of a great wine bar near my apt that actually served a MEAN pig’s ass – literally – sandwich. So why not hit it up?

Casellula : Cheese & Wine Cafe


It’s tiny and quaint.. so cute and you could smell the fresh bread from the back :D yum.

We started off at the bar with some delicious champagne…

The couple by the window tried to cut in front of us and steal our seats – boooo, they were so rude and shoved past us when they first came in….the best part when the guy sat at a “table” while waiting and didn’t let the girl sit… too funny. They ended up sitting NEXT to us LOL

It was hard to get noticed even tho the bar fit less than 8 or 9 people… so we decided on our whole order while drinking and ordered it all at once when we finally got the attention of the bartender- we even got cut off.. hahaha.. “that’s a LOT of food” – we hear that a lot – too bad they don’t realize how big our appetites are…

But then a table opened up right after we ordered – thankfully so, since we ordered a LOT and I had NO idea how the tiny bar would’ve held it

Delicious meats plate!!!!

Genoa Salami – delicious and so much flavor – we ended up ordering more

Mortadella – like a nice bologna – SOOO good we ended up ordering MORE of this as well…

Smoked Goose Breast — a little dry but great smokey flavor

Speck — salty and fatty.. like thick cut prosciutto

Chistorras — not too salty but a bit of spice


Roomano / Friesland, Holland / Pasteurized Cow / Butterscotchy. Crystallized — paired with peanut brittle

L: King Island Dairy Seal Bay Triple Cream / King Island, Tasmania / Pasteurized Cow / Pure Butter — paired with caramel sauce

R: Adeleggar / Isny, Germany / Raw Cow / Rich. Dense. Aged 17 Months. Organic — paired with onions in a tomato sauce

SOOOO amazing we ordered two more orders of the adeleggar.. we were going to bring it home but ate it all

Epoisses / Burgundy, France / Pasteurized Cow / A Classic. Washed in Marc de Bourgogne.

Hudsan Valley Camembert / Old Chatham, New York / Pasteurized Sheep and Cow / Sooo Creamy! Rich.

Spanish White Anchovy Filets / Fennel Fronds / Pickled Shallots

Charred Asparagus and Spring Vegetable Salad / Sweet Pea Pesto / Fava Beans / Radishes

Shell-Fish Taco Ceviche / Carrot- Cabbage Slaw / Hominy Ranchero / Cotija Cheese

Mustard Miso Pickles

The STAR of the night:

Pig’s Ass Sandwich / 5 Spoke Tumbleweed / Fol Epi / B&B Pickles / Chipotle Aioli

And then some complimentary desserts… their famous Goat Cheese Truffles…

I’m not a fan of goat cheese, ya’ll know that, but these were really good. Hazelnuts on the outside and a nice creamy light goat cheese on the inside. Not pungent at all :]

The food is great here, it’s just really tiny and there’s no reservations so get there early. The servings aren’t that big so order lots :] Fun place to go to for happy hour, I’d assume – I’ll be back :D


  1. Looks incredible!!!!! My weakness is wine and cheese.



  1. […] HUGE dinner at Pure Food & Wine – and a celeb blogger sighting :D… and a wine+cheese night at a nearby wine bar :D Promise to post a lot more!!! I’ve missed you […]


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