Being Vegetarian is so Yummy

I’ve been on a veg kick lately… meat hasn’t been as much part of my cravings lately…. so where else to go but Dirt Candy….

What is dirt candy? Vegetables, of course. When you eat a vegetable you’re eating little more than dirt that’s been transformed by plenty of sunshine and rain into something that’s full of flavor: Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen – owner/chef is a pure genius :D So delicious, satisfying and didn’t miss anything meaty at all….

Like most eateries in the City it was tiny, and a little low on the AC, thankfully it wasn’t a severely hot summer night….

We started with a delicious bottle of white…

Les Graviers Chardonnay 2007

Delicious bread with EVOO dip

Jalapeno Hush Puppies with Maple Butter

These are so freaking addicting. I could pop these forever…. next year’s Super Bowl, I want a bucket of these please :D The maple butter is sweet and creamy and goes perfectly with the lightly fried – slightly spicy pup :D

Mushroom – Portobello Mousse, Truffled Toast, Peach & Fennel Compote

I LOOOOOOVE mushrooms… one of my fav foods. Oh my fungus *drool* Creamy mousse, not overly shroomy but sooo delicious… perfect with the cooked shrooms on the side…. didn’t need the compote but it added a nice element of sweetness… and the crunch and truffle of the toast was great.

Pea – Spring Pea Broth, Pea Flan, Wasabi Pea Leaves

Adding the light flavorful broth…

The broth was light and I loved the fresh peas and some sort of pickled root veggie in it. The flan wasn’t as pea-y as I thought but it was creamy and also very light.

Carrot – Steamed Barbeque Carrot Buns, Cucumber, Sesame, Ginger Salad

Tasted like an asian BBQ bun. Loved the buns on the outside altho not very carrot… in fact I couldn’t taste the carrots at all but it was delicious nonetheless…  I adored the cuc salad on the side – so refreshing and gingery :D YAY

Celery – King Oyster Mushrooms, Celery Pesto, Grilled Grapes, Cheese Curds

I LOVE how they made the mushrooms look like calamari, so cute :D This was amazingly good…. the mushrooms were super meaty and I loved the flavor of the celery :] It’d totally make celery haters into lovers

Broccolini – Crispy Tofu, Orange Beurre Blanc, Broccolini & Broccoli

The sauce was super orangey and the fried crispy orange sections kinda freaked me out a bit… but the tofu was great… the crust was a bit salty and over citrus for me – but that’s just cuz I’m not a huge sauce/dressing person – but I ate all the broccoli/broccolini with the orange peels – yep those aren’t carrots.

Corn – Stone Ground Grits, Tempura Poached Egg, Corn Cream, Pickle Shittakes

A-freaking-mazing. LOOOOOOVE grits. SOOO much flavor and creaminess with the corn kernals… omg omg omg. GREAT with the yolky egg…

Pop goes the yolk…. sooooo amazing. Words can’t explain. Cilantro added the perfect touch to every bite.

Tomato – Fried Green Tomatoes, Toasted Coconut & Yellow Tomato Sauce, Tomato Spaetzle

Best spaetzle I’ve ever had. SOOO tomatey and just delicious.

Eggplant – Pickled Eggplant, Black Olive Fettuccine, Eggplant Jam, Ricotta

TOTAL fan of the pickled fried eggplant and the crispy eggplant skin strips. SO amazing and the olive fettuccine was delish. Pasta/Carb LOVE.

Popcorn Pudding with Salted Caramel Corn

SO creamy… and then you dip the carmel corn in it. Perfect textures and flavors. Sweet and salty – YUM!

Ice Cream Nanaimo Bar with Sweet Pea, Mint and Chocolate

I loved the sweet pea ice cream in it. How creative.

Red Pepper Velvet Cake with White Chocolate and Peanut Ice Cream

I couldn’t taste red pepper AT. ALL. It was just chocolately and great. I’m a sucker for anything peanut buttery – esp ice cream, so obviously I INHALLLLLLLED it.

Fennel Funnel Cake with Caramelized Mango and Fennel with Chocolate Sorbet

Wish it was more fennely but I love anything funnel cake. YUM!

Happy Happy Joy Joy… and getting evil looks from a nearby customer.

They change the menu seasonly so I’ll be back at least 4x a year :D

More veggie-ness coming up this week — including last nite’s HUGE dinner at Pure Food & Wine – and a celeb blogger sighting :D… and a wine+cheese night at a nearby wine bar :D Promise to post a lot more!!! I’ve missed you guys….


  1. Ahhhh what????? I’ll be at Pure this weekend!! Come back!! :-D


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