Buddakan & wd~50

For a friend’s 28th Birthday I threw him a surprise party at Buddakan with all his friends and a party at Hiro…

We got a tasting for the whole table and the birthday boy added some other items on as well – frog legs, peking duck, pork belly, etc… we had well over 20 courses – they even accommodated us with a regular version and a shellfish-free version for our table… and like 10 different desserts… an amazing night of food and fun :] Buddakan is sure to please – even for Asian fusion haters like me – and great for parties!!!!

Highlights of Buddakan:

…But for his actual special day I took him to a special dinner….

We passed by a place called Fat Hippo
Him: Are we going to Fat Hippo?
Her: What’s Fat Hippo?
Him: *drops me off in front of Fat Hippo*
Her: …wait… why are we here?
Him: I thought we were coming here…
Her: I thought you made up the name…

It’s ok, his bday dinner place was just a little bit down the street….


The *’d items are the ones we added onto the tasting ;D You know how we do!!!

These reminded me of pork rinds – texturally – but very very paper thin. They’re super addictive and R and I were the only ones who kept eating them… boo to carb-scared peoples… these things are amazing.

J Brut Rosé NV (Russian River Valley, California)

Scallop Cous Cous, Asparagus, Caper, Whiskey
Paired with: J Brut Rosé NV

Delicious. Not too fishy, wonderful textures and flavors.

Everything Bagel, Smoked Salmon Threads, Crispy Cream Cheese
Paired with: J Brust Rosé NV

Probably one of the most amazing things – EVER. It’s ice cream… the smoked salmon threads are just heavenly… HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH.. I want it on my congee every morning… and have I mentioned. It tastes like an everything bagel.. but ICE CREAM. Waa waaa whoaaaa….

Joh. Jos. Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese 2008

* Hanger Tartare, Smoked Almond, Banana, Hibiscus
Paired with:  Joh. Jos. Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese 2008

Amazing and fresh. Slight banana flavor – who would’ve thunk that bananas and raw beef would be this great together?!

Condrieu ‘La Chambée’ Les Vins de Vienne 2006 (Rhône Valley, France)

* Aerated Foie, Pickled Beet, Mashad Plum, Brioche
Paired with: Condrieu ‘La Chambée’ Les Vins de Vienne 2006

This is amazing, fluffy and light. SOOO freaking good. Next to us a lady got the whole appetizer and it was 4 piles of this… wayyy too rich for me IMO, but this one pile was perfect.

Foie Gras, Passionfruit, Chinese Celery
Paired with: Condrieu ‘La Chambée’ Les Vins de Vienne 2006

It was delicious, with the sweet passionfruit innards. What a surprise. I’m not a huge cold foie person but I was sooooo happy with both foie dishes. :]

Scrambled Egg Ravioli, Charred Avocado, Kindai Kampachi
Paired with: Condrieu ‘La Chambée’ Les Vins de Vienne 2006

So interesting seeing avocado like this. Great flavors. The egg was great and the sashimi was super fresh.

* Eggs Benedict
Paired with: Condrieu ‘La Chambée’ Les Vins de Vienne 2006

Delicious and amazing. The insides were the  hollandaise. FRIED HOLLANDAISE!!!!… and a nice yolk next to it with some crisp canadian bacon. LOVES

Zweigelt Rosé Loimer 2008 (Kamptal, Austria)

* Smoked Eel, Spice Bread, Black Radish, Campari
Paired with: Zweigelt Rosé Loimer 2008

I love eel… this was so creative. I’m definitely not used to all this smokey eel flavor but it was such a delight.. especially paired with the radish.

Cold Fried Chicken, Buttermilk-Ricotta, Tabasco, Caviar
Paired with: Zweigelt Rosé Loimer 2008

I still dream about this. Who would think.. cold fried chicken.. it’s delicious. Perfectly battered and fried… the chicken was full of flavor.

Ginjo Sake ‘Oka Yamadanishiiki’ Dewazakura (Yamagata-Prefecture, Japan)

Sweet Shrimp, Red Pepper, Black Sesame, Shiso
Paired with: Ginjo Sake ‘Oka Yamadanishiiki’ Dewazakura

YUM. Tender. Fresh and yum. Love the black sesame.

Bourgogne Passetoutgrain Domaine Pataille 2007 (Burgandy, France)

Beef and Bernaise
Paired with: Bourgogne Passetoutgrain Domaine Pataille 2007

This was amazing. Delicious broth and the dumplings were creamy and tender.

Syrah ‘Tous Ensemble’ Copain 2007 (Mendicino County, California)

We opted out of the lamb Loin and asked for the Iberico Pork Neck :]

* Iberico Pork Neck, Endive, Buckwheat, Clove
Paired with: Syrah ‘Tous Ensemble’ Copain 2007

How could pork… pork neck… IBERICO PORK NECK ever be wrong? Tender.. cooked perfectly.. amazing flavor…. soo sooooo great :D Thanks Wylie for letting us swap out the lamb for this.

Chewy Lychee Sorbet, Pistachio, Lemon, Celery

LOVE. Celery… in dessert?!?!… It works :D

‘Commandaria St. John’ Keo NV (Lemesos, Cyprus)

Hazelnut Tart, Coconut, Chocolate, Chicory
Paired with: ‘Commandaria St. John’ Keo NV

Better than the usual nutella…. soooooo freaking good

Chenin Blanc ‘Off the Rack’ Plantagenet 2006 (Western Australia)

Caramelized Brioche, Apricot, Buttercream , Lemon Thyme
Paired with: Chenin Blanc ‘Off the Rack’ Plantagenet 2006

YUM YUM YUM…. the brioche was soooooooo perfect. Best caramelized crust and a creamier inside – but still firm. Great flavors…

Some yummy vanilla ice cream and cake crumble :] Delicious caramel paper thin tube… sooo yum

Chocolate Shortbread Crumbs over Milk Ice Cream

Like an ice cream oreo – but better…

Cocoa Packets


After dinner we got to go into the back kitchen and meet Mr. WYLIE :D

He was a lot shorter and smaller in person… but super super nice and what a complete and utter genius :D I almost feel guilty, like I chose to bring my friend here mostly for myself.. but we both so thoroughly enjoyed it :D Everything bagel… yum….


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