Putting things in my mouth….

Apologizing in advance – Best Meal. Worst Photos.

You guys already learned about my love for Resto. Just one bite and I was hooked…. once again, they did not disappoint.  Resto totally and completely “(S)wine’d and Dined” us and everyone left drunk, full and happy!!! — Okay maybe not completely full, R & I probably could’ve eaten all the food at our table between the two of us… haha but to keep classy I tried to be good :]

We were greeted by Chef Robert when we came in and told him how excited we were to eat his food again :] LOVES

TONS of people were there and I even got to see Natasha, Breanna and Rodrick who were in ton and on an eating expedition :D

Important Peoples

The star of the night

Winemaker Tony Coturri from Sonoma

His wines are SO amazing. They are PURELY grapes and fermented from the yeast FROM the fruit itself. There are no additives, artificial things or anything bad in the wine… just all organic fruit… and their 32nd Harvest is coming up soon…

** First Course **

Paired with “Chapeau Melon” Marc Pesnot – NV, Loire, France NV

Amuse Bouche from the Chef

Pork Loin, Trumpet Mushrooms, Pea Shoots, Olio Verde

AMAZING. A lot of the time I never want pork loin because it’s always bland or overcooked but this was tender… and flavorful but not overly salty [sometimes some cooks try to mask the lack of flavor with salt – ick] And TOTALLY in love with the mushrooms… and the olio verde was divine. Altogether.. it was getting me SO excited for what was to come…

** Second Course **

Paired with: Sandocino, Coturri, Sonoma NV

Charcuterie Plate: Rillon, Spicy Pork Sausage, Rillets and Boudin Blanc

Crispy Leg Salad, Bibb Lettuce, Watermelon Radish, Bacon

Delicious together… there was so much meat left on the leg I wanted to pick it up and just gnaw on it.. so unladylike tho.. hahaha so I just kept scraping some more… how do these people eat so little?!?!?! I felt like I was the only one at our side of the table getting seconds and thirds…

** Third Course **

Paired with: Carignane, Testa, Coturri, Sonoma 2008
& a Cabernet Sauvignon, Testa, Coturri, Sonoma 2005

Carignane was really earthy… while the Cabernet had a bit of spice to it and seemed to be a table favorite – at least on our end of the table. I kept going back and forth between the two different wines… now at this dinner, every time you empty a glass, a wine fairy would come and refill it :] So I had a great time picking which one I liked. As much as the Cab was great I somehow found myself drawn to the Carignane, which is strange since I’m not usually an earthy wine person. YUM!


If it wasn’t for Steven I wouldn’t have gotten to have a bite of the porchetta… tender inside with a crisp skin.. YUM!

Salt & Pepper Ribs

Fall of the bone happiness. Flavorful but not overpoweringly so. I hate it when delicious meat is covered and smothered in too much spices and flavorings… sauce is the worst culprit, but this was perfection. Seconds and thirds please…

Beer Glazed Leg, Roasted Asparagus, Snap Peas

Beer is great. Pork legs are great. Together they’re amazing. I’m kind of sad cuz the asparagus and the snap peas didn’t seem to make it to my end of the table, but that just means more room for the pig :] This IS a swine dinner, right?… The skin was fab…

Baked Potato with Ramps and Lardo

Carbs with ramps and lard, what more could you ask for?

Crispy Pig’s Head

We ate the shizz out of this pig head.. Of course everyone went for the cheeks and the ears were gone too by the time it reached our end of the table…. I ended up gnawing on the snout and the lower jaw :D YUM! It’s all about the creamy cheeks and the DELICIOUS crispy skin… I made sure that none of that skin went to waste :] Yummy in my tummy…

Some of the great people we met :D

R, Me, JeffSUCH a fun dinner neighbor – & Doris — Lisa & Jo are in the background… and Steven didn’t make it in the picture [he was next to Doris]

Lisa and the rest of the table had a great conversation about Umami and what it is. I think the essance of umami is just the whole euphoria… taking deliciousness to a whole new level that regular flavors can not describe. I used to joke about it being just MSG [hahahaha] but in a way it really isn’t. What do you think Umami is? And what’s your favorite Umami dish?!?!

** Fourth Course **

Strawberry, Rhubarb Compote, Candied Pink Peppercorn, Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream

Paired with: Zinfandel, Estate , Coturri, Sonoma 2006

I love how I’ve been seeing peppercorns in desserts.  It’s just such a nice surprise and it pairs so well with the sweet and creamy… crunch crunch happy happy…


I TOTALLY adored how this was a FAMILY STYLE meal. The long tables and meeting new people totally brought me back to Rick Gresh’s OktoBEER dinners last fall but what made this different was how we were “forced” to interact with everyone… passing around food, asking for things across the table… it really brought the tables together :] Really met some fun people I hope to see and eat around with more often.

The amazing Chef Robert Hellen came out to say hi at the end  of the meal to talk about tasting the wines and picking what to make with them… I wish I could crawl into his brain while he tries the wines and comes up with his fantastic dishes…


BTW, this is what happens when someone drunk tries to take photos of other drunken people…

R, Me and I with THE Bob Vila who was super super nice :D

Photographer is the super awesome publisher of Organic Wine Journal, Jonathan Russo – SO great meeting him, he is SO super nice… and apparently, according to their twitter, OWJ is going to be having a “new series of winemaker’s dinners.” AHHHH MUST GO TO ALL OF THEM!!!

Anyways. Once again, DIVINE time at RESTO, met AWESOME people… learned about Organic Wines – TOTALLY into it – and totally in love with Cotturi’s wines… MUST. STALK. THEM. OUT. NOW. :D

Hope this inspired you to try organic wines and to go to these fun events…. & Hope to see you guys come out with me for the next dinner :D


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