I Love My Mommy & the Red Sox

Thanks Craigie on Main for another AMAZING time :]

After our last dinner at Craigie, I KNEW that I HAD to take my mom here for Mother’s Day… as soon as we got home I booked reservations for Mother’s Day!!!

They had a delicious prix fixe brunch prepared

Mommy and I picked the Fruit Salad

Evan’s Organic Yogurt

Mangoes, pears, grapes and mint :D SO GOOD. simple and fresh, just the way I love it!

Daddy and R both ordered the House-Made Doughtnut

Confiture de Lait

DELISH. Soooo good just wish it was warm…

R and I both got a Bloody Mary
with Pepper Vodka… it was really good but not a fan of the stringy chicken like strips in it… or maybe it was tortillas?!….

I ordered the Anson Mills Cornmeal Cakes…

Raspberry-Pastis Jam, Buttermilk Ice Cream

I was actually between this and the Panini… but I ended up wanting some sweet, and carbs ;D It was so good and textured. Wish it came with a little soemthing more than just the pancakes and jam and ice cream tho, felt like it needed a side or something extra LOL… maybe with crunch. I would one up it by adding some grilled sweet corn INSIDE the cakes, OMG :D

Mommy picked the Grass-Fed and House-Brined Corned Beef and Smoked Beef Tongue Hash

Slow-Poached Farm-Fresh Egg, Crispy Onions Rings

OMG. Another cleaned plate from mom, this is SO rare :D My mom was actually the one who got me hooked on beef tongue… when I was young my mommy took me to this little Japanese noodle shop and made me try the grilled beef tongue. SO FREAKING GOOD… couldn’t stop eating it since.

R & Daddy both got the Crispy-Fried Vermont Organic Pork Jowls

Fried Aracuana Egg, Creamy Spring Vegetable Succotash

…lots of fiddlehead ferns, mushrooms, asparagus and peas in it… on a nice crunchy thick toast :D Daddy cleared it clean including one of my cornmeal cakes hehehe…. he loved it. My dad’s not a super adventurous eater either

Local Asparagus a la Plancha

Ordered the Hollandaise Sauce on the side since I’m not a fan of it… my parents and R didn’t take any either :] These were so good and fresh and gave me smelly asparagus pee later hahaha

Grilled Pork Belly

This was soooo good and not too fatty. Nice and not salted and just so good. Full of smokey flavor and it was happiness in my mouth dancing into my belly!!

R picked the Classic Bistrot Profiteroles

Canela Ice Cream, Valrhona Chocolate Sauce

There was a hint of cardamom, soooo goood and just melted in our mouths.

Daddy & I both got the Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Cheesecake

Matzo Meal-Pine Crust, Blackberry Tequila Jam

Delicious as usual!!!!  And daddy even ate it all even tho he was freaking out about it being sheep’s milk…..hahahaha

Mommy picked the Sour Milk Panna Cotta

Banana Puree, Brown Butter Powder

This was sooo good :D I was kinda jealous and wanted it.. it was so beautifully plated and my mom adored it. It was creamy and light with a slight  crunch from the toppings and just heavenly.

Later on that night I took R to his first Red Sox game… and first game at Fenway… :D It was Red Sox vs Yankees… and after losing two games in a row, we won with a 9-3 :D We had AMAZING field box seats… and ate SO much delicious ballpark food…

Starting off with…

His first Fenway Frank


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