Bacon, Beer, myers + chang, Beer and more Beer…

My friend and I went to the @eatBoston & SoWa Bacon/Beer Fest last saturday in Boston……

While it was fun [and filled with tons and tons of beer] the bacon part just wasn’t up to par to what we expected – especially after just having gone to the Bacon Fest Chicago…. In general it just wasn’t bacon-y enough :[

Fav of the event:

The Fireplace’s Bacon and Succotash

The midst of a million crazy beer/bacon people :] With my trusty beer cup :D


We were still starving – and a tiny bit tipsy – afterwards so we decided to get some lunch at Myers+Chang [esp after the Banh Mi from the Bacon/Beer Fest] since we were in the neighborhood…

Green Papaya Slaw

A little on the salty side but I loved the crunchy peanuts and the cilantro :]

Asian Pickles

Shiitake Mushroom and Chinese Greens Fried Dumplings

This was my favorite dumpling of the two… I love it when vegetarian dumplings can be sooo delicious [instead of just plain boring cabbage, etc…]

Mama Chang’s Fried Pork Dumplings

Spicy Kimchee Pancakes

They weren’t spicy but they were pretty tasty… not like real pancheon tho :T

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Sriracha Butter

The most delicious corn with butter ever. SO genius… and the extra crunch of the scallions just really was the topping of the cake :] YUM!… SO recreating this at home with R :]

Crispy Pork Belly Stuffed Baos

Wok-Roasted Lemongrass Mussels

Spicy Brussels Sprouts

It was delicious and surprisingly filling :]

Afterwards we headed out to the next destination… Boston SlowFest… [aka Beer Fest] and had tons and TONS of great beer :]

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