brunch at nightwood …

There was much discussion over where to get brunch Sunday…. Should we go old school, new school, and what would feel good in our stomachs after a weekend of delicious fooding and boozing at Primehouse, Baconfest & Green Zebra….

Thanks to the recommendation of  hottie Chef Brian Enyart [Chef de Cuisine of Topolobampo & Frontera Grill – yes Rick Bayless’ creations] on my plea for good brunch in Chicago, I decided on nightwood :]

BTW, it was his Brian’s tamales at the 3 Sisters Event last year that were the best and most unreplicable tamales I’ve ever eaten…. [just saying… I’ve been craving some good tamales… haha]

I mean seriously… nightwood, GREAT choice… how can you say no to something like Chicken & Waffles, Ricotta Pancakes, Grilled Troat, and Donuts for brunch? You can’t, you really can’t….

Since there was a wait even with reservations, we sat at the bar for some coffee and drinks… I talked a bit with the lady sitting next to me but it was her first time for brunch here… but she seemed to be a fan of their food :]

We decided to get coffee first and order our bloody marys later at our table….

Tomato Mountain Bloody Mary
vodka, tomato, citrus, house spices

When the lighting is perfect and for food picture taking I’m just so so happy :] Everything always looks gorgeously delicious and clear in the afternoon light by the window…

The worst thing about the meal was how hard it was to choose just a few… :[

Enoch’s Doughtnuts

Since we were bacon-filled yesterday we decided to get the Orange Cardamom and Honey ones…… but next time we’re def trying the Bacon Butterscotch and Mascarpone and Candied Carrots….  Actually, not so sure why we acted to weaksauce with brunch… probably because we were already thinking of Molly’s Cupcakes afterwards….

Chicken Wings and Waffles
with strawberry preserves, spicy pecans and vanilla anglaise

This was SOOOOOO delicious.. I’m SUCH a fan of sweet and savory dishes… the crunchy chicken wings – perfectly fried with the fluffy waffles… the preserves were amazing as well…

….halfway through ordering, we realized we couldn’t have a brunch without Bacon….

Chestnut Polenta Cakes
with pickled mushrooms, Tokyo bekana and a soft-boiled egg

This was SOOOOO good.. the salad on the side with the pickled ‘shrooms, SO tasty.. and the yolky egg… mmmm, oozing all over the polenta cakes.. OMG.. the texture and the flavors were just so freaking amazing… I NEED to try to recreate this at home… I feel deprived already for not discovering this wonderfulness earlier….

Isn’t this the sexiest thing ever? This was SUCH a good last meal in Chicago til the next time we’re back. GREAT way to start the morning… it was light enough, but filling enough….

We left Chicago happy, but wanting more… we’ll be back soon Chicago, promise ;D


    I always stop by for the food porn but that shot withthe soft boiled egg is insane! WOW!

    i love it! and I love your entries!



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