Going Veg for the Night at Green Zebra

After a day of Baconfest and Beer… and then more and more Beer at the Gabriel Iglesias Fluffy Shop Tour show at the Chicago Theater…. we decided to go with some wine and some vegetarian food at Green Zebra.  We had reservations for 10 but we actually had to wait for a table for about 10-20 min… so we had a glass of champagne at the standing bar….

Macon Villages, Chartron et Trebuchet, Burgundy, France 2007

Delicious wine recommended to us by our waiter… it’s one of his favorites :D

Amuse Bouche

I can’t remember the exactness of it but I do remember fennel foam and a yummie veggie puree… very light and yummie…

Grilled Heart of Palm

citrus, avocado, salty macadamia nuts, osaka greens
I looooooved the heart of palm… with the delicious greens… tang of the citrus and the crunch of the nuts…. the avocado was great too… kinda guacamole puree like tho :] But I like I like….

Bubble Gum Pear Salad

watercress, grapefruit, Szechuan peppercorn vinaigrette [vegan]
OK. How could I NOT order something that said Bubble Gum in the title ;D haha.. kidding but yea… it was light and delicoius. Loved the random crunch of peppercorns too [altho not sure if it was from the freshly cracked pepper or from the vinaigrette]

Sweet Red Pepper Jam Bismarks

bitter winter greens, capers, tarantaise
When I read bitter winter greens, I thought bitter greens… like kale and stuff.. but it seemed to be just like a spring mix of salad greens but it was still really good. Nice balance of flavors… love the shaved cheese… and the bismarks were really good… we actually had no idea what bismarks were which is why we thought it’d be fun just to order it….

They’re like puffs filled with delicious sweet red pepper filling :] Made my mouth and tummy happy… real happy.

Sunchoke Ravioli

grilled ramps, medjool dates, preserved lemon, quail egg
This was my FAVORITE dish of the night. The ravioli pasta was cooked perfect and it was a great balance of pasta to innards ratio.  The inside was sweet and delicious. AHHH Next time I’m here I’m ordering 4 bowls of this, just for me!

Forbidden Black Rice

salsa verde, grilled red onion, cilantro, queso fresco [vegan]
It was kinda strange that ALL our carbs were brought out together at the same time, but it was still really tasty… I was expecting something that just tasted very mexicany but there was another level of flavor to this that I loved. And I LOVE black rice,  the texture is just amazing [not to mention great health and fiber benefits hehe POOOP]

Crimson Lentils

garam masala glazed carrots, eggplant, turnip greens, pita [vegan]
After failed lentils at Tomasso, I had to get lentils here. R was kinda hesitant because of the recent failure… haha.. but these were sooo good :]

Creamed Spinach Filled Crepe

oyster mushrooms, confit artichoke, parmesan
Was really good and spinachyyyy.. totally creamy…. kinda wish it was a bit more wham bam twist to it but there wasn’t. Nonetheless. The crepe was good and the spinach was good… you can never do wrong with classic tastes… sometimes simple goes a long way ;D

Udon Noodles

hot and sour broth, fiddlehead ferns, spring garlic, chestnuts
LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this!!!! I got this for the FIDDLEHEAD FERNS.. I LOOOOVE fiddlehead ferns, not enough dishes in the world with it. Seriously. How come it’s not on menus more often? Sniff sniff…. So I got the dish for the fiddleheads and ended up loving the whole thing. Tender chewy udon noodles.. not super thick… ahhh such a great dish. And I feel bad saying this, since it’s a veg restaurant.. but a slab of pork belly would’ve just complimented the dish perfectly ;D

Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Apples

Love love love love loveeee… you know my obsession with brussel sprouts ;D The apples really added another level of subtle sweetness to the sprouts which were amazing. AHHH and of course the more blackened parts are the best :] I’m so horrible, I love grill marks ANND super burnt food.

[side note: the day of Chicago I made popcorn for lunch and my first bag was sooo overly burnt but I ate it anways cuz I love how the burnt popcorn melts in your mouth.. sigh* So totally gonna die of like burntfoodrelateddiseases just like mommy warned me about HAHAHA…]

Werp Garm Poached Duck Egg

smoked potato puree, country sourdough
How can anyone say no to a yolky egg? You’re supposed to eat it by breaking the yolk and swirling it into the potato… that’s a potato chip of the side… yum… and of course the toasty bread. The bread was a bit too chewy for me [probably cuz I was dreaming of Southwater Kitchen’s bacon fat toast] but the egg was divine.

I love yolky egg…. yum!

Our awesome waiter Sam, YESSSS SHOUT OUT TO SAMMMMM!!!! told us that some people even ordered the raviolis and brussel sprouts AS desserts sometimes… but we decided to go a different route. We actually almost didn’t get dessert but then he came by with some complimentary glasses of a deliiiiicious Muscat and then we saw these two and were hooked into staying….

Rosemary Honey Marshmallows

I love marshmallows. The end.

Ginger Root Beer Float and Warm Pretzel with Dark Chocolate Dip

This was sooooooooo gooood… I loooved all the ginger in the float and the warm warm salty pretzel was sooo good, esp dipped with some chocolate :D We even started dipping our marshmallows in the chocolate!!!

Delishhh!!! I’m sooo glad to find really great vegetarian restaurants more and more in the foodie scene…. but….

Just one question,
Why are there scallops on the menu?

Maine Sea Scallops
briased wild mushrooms, yukon potatoes, pomegranate

I almost wanted to get it, just to get non-veg at a place.. but then I guess having eggs tech. kinda counts [sometimes] as non-veg already….

Drunkenly we ended up walking around in circles in Chicago before finally giving in and grabbing a cab back to the hotel to play Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure [aka Candy Land, minus the candy and replace with meat]

Time to yelp something good about here ;D

And then tomorrow. db’s Primehouse & Brunch @ nightwood posts ;D PROOOOOOOOMISE


  1. stainboy says:

    Such a wonder vegetarian meal. Raviolis were my favorite, then the bismarks!


  2. Bismark = old fashioned name for a jelly-filled donut! Random!



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