Waterzooi 3x in a week.. aka Beer and Mussels x 100

… that’s more times than some couples have sex ;D Hahahahaha…. anyways… This place has been circling my brain ever since I read about all the Beer and Mussel madness… lol…

Sunday we decided to finally go to the Belgian Bistro, Waterzooi [sister resto and right next door to Novita, Wine Bar],…. and since we had some delicious Italian earlier [but til late] on in the day so we ended up going here at around 9pm…

Sunday Late Night Dinner

We ended up getting two other beers, but this was our favorite of the three so we ended up getting two of these

Charcuterie, Duck Rillettes, Foie Gras Mousse, Cured Sausage, Classic Accrutrements

It was okay… I’m not a HUGE fan of cold foie  but the rillettes were pretty good… as were the salumis just a tad oversalty for me… :] still, Nom

Grilled Bread

Creole Moules Pot: Chipotle BBQ, Roasted Corn, Crispy Crawfish Tails

Absolutely delicious.

Thai Moules Pot: Spice Lemon Grass & Coconut Borth, Grilled Pineapple

Frites & Mayo
First time having this combo… altho I’ve heard about it before….. never had it. Not bad but I’m not a huge fan of mayo… soo… the mayo was all R’s and I just stuck with the yummy fries [a basket per pot of mussels…]

MY SPOON is too big —

Tuesday – Beer Dinner ala iPhone
[Their second annual beer dinner]

We were one of the first people to be seated but the last to get our bread… boo, we even had to ASK for it… lame. Our waitress was kinda meh that night… we thought it was funny calling racism [obviously just whispered about it to ourselves] since we were the only Asians there.. LOL…

They were slow to start… so as we anxiously waited for the dinner to start… we decided to start the night off with a bottle of our favorite there… Sofie…

Before each course, the manager and the importer came to talk to us about the beers and the pairings. All of them were pretty much hard to get in the States and you could only get there… or only ordered in for the particular dinner… suchhhh good beers!!!

– First Course –

Saison Silly Farmhouse Ale
Modestly sweetened and fruity, browner that a typical Saison

This was sooooooooooo gooood :] I really hope I can find this or find an importer that has it since they

Chimay La Bier Cheese, Passendale Cheese, Ardennes Ham, Foie Gras, Saucisson, Saucisson Sec, Duck Rillettes

I actually enjoyed this plate better then the plate form the other night…. I think because of the cheeses… we devoured it like asap ;D I loveeee cheeeeseeee

– Second Course –

Poperings Hommel
A blend of winter, summer and aromatic pale malts, faint honey-yeast character.  There is also a rose-like floweriness, from the bottle-conditioning.  Great deal of hop aroma and flavor, orange zest.  Finish is spicy with cumin-seed and dryness from the hops. 7.5% ABV

Only “Pop beer” in Belgium / Belgium IPA.

Ragut de Champignon
Roasted Mushrooms, Wild Ramps, Melted Comte’, Savory Pastry, Hommel Scented Veal Glaze

This was sooooo tasty. I’m not a huge savory pastry/savory pies type of girl… while it’s good [yay for good old chicken pot pie… or even better Fruition’s Veal Cheek Pot Pie] I tend to opt for the sweet > savory.

– Third Course –

Wittekerke White
Spicy subdued bitterness, creamy, aromatic, with a clean, teasing, perfumy fruitiness & faintly herbal tartness

This wheat beer is made with white flour, and has hints of coriander in it.  It’s citrusy with the taste of orange peel and is the “perfect marriage” for mussels.  It’s a “true authentic Belgium beer” that is completely “un-duplicable”.

Les Moules

North COuntry Smoked Bacon,Oven Dried Tomatoes, Creamy Farmhouse Ale Broth

More Sofie for us inbetween our courses…

Btw, when I say that we get a bottle of Sofie, they come in these wine bottles… :] So it’s not like we split a tiny beer bottle :P hahaha.. not that justifying it makes us look any better, in fact we probably seem even more like lushes now… har har

Yum yum yum… if you visit Waterzooi and don’t try the Sofie I will hurt you :P

– Fourth Course –

Kapittel Pater Brown Ale
Dark brown, rich malt flavor.  The hop [used] is Poperingse [and it offers] only a light bitterness. 6% ABV.

Pater Brown Braised Pork Belly
Toasted Spaetzle, Caramelized Sauerkraut

I think now whenever and forever that I have sauerkraut I will remember my day of Polish eatings…. which was actually when I first really started taking a liking to it.

Gorgeous isn’t it? Pork belly always is….. especially when paired with such impressive beer.

– Fifth Course –

Brussels Waffle
Scotch Silly Brulee’d Bananas, Warm Caramel Sauce, Fresh Cream

Augustijn Tripel
Golden amber-colored beer with a good head.  Slight hoppy flavor with malty background, fruitiness with vanilla flavor. 8% ABV

Isn’t it great how the ABV on each beer got higher and higher with each course? Absolutely Bad. Ass.

Friday – we actually ended up eating lunch at around 4pm and we were planning on going to a late showing of Clash of the Titans…. after shopping around the mall for more furniture and some candy [Dylan’s!]

We got there kinda late cuz we TOTALLY forgot it was a Friday… no reservations.. and me showing up in a tshirt and leggings…. [haha totally yoga-esque]

Friday Quickie

Since there was a half hour wait or so [so much less than we expected] we were at the bar…

Date got a Kwak

I got some elephant beer [cartoon elephants on the handle hehehe]

Foie Gras App Special

Bouillabaisse Mussels with shrimp and lobster… in saffron tomato crab broth

Pork Belly special :] We were between this and a duck.. obviously I’d choose the Pork Belly…

We also got the fondue Mussels [the pictures came out horrible] but it had Fontina, Leeks, Beer & Belgian Farmers Ham – TO. DIE. FOR.

Special Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Bananas

Special Apple Cobbler

Special Nutella Creme Brulee
Effing amazing.

All I can say is… delish. Duno what else to say.


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