It’s all about the Bone Marrow….

Anyone who’s a foodie in Boston knows that THE place to go for Bone Marrow is Eastern Standard. [Not to mention it’s a place to be seen ;] hehe] Dinner goes til midnight and then there’s a late night menu! I didn’t get home from the City to Boston til about 9 so where else to go but E.S. :]

Lately I’ve been going all out with wine pairings, so it was decided that my date and I would just chill and order a bottle or two of some good wine to enjoy with our food. We ordered a bottle of Riesling and two glasses of champagne to start.

We started off with a shellfish platter. We were between oysters and clams… and then the hankering for shrimp cocktail and ceviche came in…. so… why not go for the whole chalupa? I’m greedy, I want my cake and to eat it too ;D

E.S. Shallfish Platter

East and West Coast Oystesr, Clams, Alaskan Crab Legs, HUUUUGE Shrimp Cocktail, 1/2 Lobster and Ceviche

Everything was soooo delicious. Ever since I was introduced to raw clams 3 or 4 years ago I’ve always preferred them over raw oysters. We covered the cold platter with tons of tabasco [yum yum yum] and I was SUCH a fan of the ceviche!!!! SOOOOOO GOOOD and tender :] Just tart enough and with the added spice it was FANTASMIC!

The shrimps were huge [as shown] and the lobster was great. I wasn’t too into the crab legs they were way too salty for me and tasted a bit off :T But R loved them so I gave him the rest of mine [hehe]

The kid next to us ordered 6 oysters, 3 different kinds and couldn’t tell ANY of them apart. WAA!! I was so upset all those delicious oysters were wasted on him….

Really really good and we went though this soooo fast since it was just so crisp and clean.

Standard Foie Gras w/ Season Garnish

This came with some woodear-like mushrooms and cornbread. SOOO GOOD. The sweetness and the texture of the cornbread paired perfectly with the delicious seared foie. Love love love love Foie…. I’ll never get sick of it.

Steak Tartare w/ Cornichons and Fries

GHERRRRRRRKINS [hahhaahahahaha]

I. LOVE. EASTERN. STANDARD. FRIES. I know people who come to Eastern Standard JUST to eat their fries….. This came with our steak tartare, but we ordered a huuuuuuge plate on the side after this was done. Yep :] Lots of fries. YUM.

The tartare was really really really good…. of course not as nice and chunky as Jacala’s but still really tasty.. altho it was a bit much and we didn’t finish it completely. Super flavorful….

Braised Duck Leg over French Lentils

You can never go wrong with duck… obviously :] It was sooooo absolutely good….  the lentils were chewy and went really well with the duck. They were a bit salty so I didn’t eat as much but it’d be SOOOOOO GOOD over some white rice :]

Roasted Bone Marrow w/ Germolata and Sea Salt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bone Marrow is sooooo part of my last meal <3 I looooooved the garnish. It was so so so so good.

I think I may just go back here for like 5 plates of this. Creamy and meltingly delicious. SOOOO amazing. I love love lvoed this. The crunch of the toast and scooping out the yummy marrow. Makes me daydream about April when I’m gonna be sitting at Rick‘s restaurant eating his Bone Marrow :D

Thanks for the stinkyeyes the whole night at dinner girls. Way to get only an appetizer sized salad [girl on right] but then inhaling your bread and cocktail. Congrats.

Frisee Aux Lardons

Hazelnuts, Sweetbreads, Poached Egg

I know this would’ve been so much better if we didn’t let it get cold :[ We were nibbling on everything else before we started on this and it was a little cold, boo…

Mac & Cheese w/ Confit Pork Belly

Literally, I ate like all of this. Wish the pork belly was more fall-apart like but the mac&cheese was just… oh so good and comforting… I’ve been such a carb whore lately [all the good risottos and mac&cheeses I’ve eaten lately] and this just added to the overindulgence of love for fantastic carbs.

Brussels Sprouts

You can never go wrong with brussels sprouts. :] I’m obsessed.

Moules Provencal

Clementine, Arugula, Creme Fraiche

At this point I wasn’t feeling very well [been nauseous for the past few days] so I decided that I was done with seafood for the night. I just took a bite of the garlic bread though and my date ate pretty much the whole dish. He seemed to adore it :]

BUTTTTTTT of course I had room for desserts. I ALWAYS do.

Butterscotch Bread Pudding

Praline Ice Cream, Salted Butter Caramel

Our waiter recommended this and the [below] apple tarte. SOOO freaking good.

Apple Tarte Tatin w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

Nothing like some warm apple pie, er, tarte :] Creamy ice cream melted and gooey all over it.. the caramel, YUM YUM YUM!!!

And of course what I was super excited for…… the

Sweet Ricotta Fritters

Chocolate Sauce & Housemade Preserves [tonite’s was strawberry]

OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMGOMGOMGOGOMG.. sooooo good and creamy and happy :] If I wasn’t feeling so crappy I would’ve eaten them all asap. But we nibbled on them and then got the check and headed home so I could rest up my belly….

But before we left our waiter was nice enough to give us complimentary glasses of this delicious dessert wine :] YUM!

Where’s your go to place for Bone Marrow? What about to cure your craving for Fries?


  1. wow. you really know how to eat well.
    This food all looks great.


  2. Gorgeous bone marrow! It’s making me terribly hungry. Hahaha, bone marrow cravings at midnight, who knew?!


  3. lol tiff. i love the pic of those two girls.



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