When I say Keg you should think Steak

I met up with my buddy and some of his coworkers for drinks and dinner [their pick since they’re from the area] Friday night and got to try some good local Colorado beer beforehand at the bar.  Easy Street and Fat Tire. YUM!.

I’m now a huge fan of both :] the Easy Street came with a slice of lemon to squeeze in…. and the Fat Tire was soooo good and hoppy :D

R’s coworker here Mike picked out a really nice wine for us to share.

Sweet Hot Calamari
Lightly breaded and fried, topped with a sweet and spicy ginger garlic sauce.

Surprisingly light for calamari… the sweet and spicy sauce was actually really good.

Scallops & Bacon
Bacon-wrapped scallops with a zesty martini cocktail sauce.

I actually didn’t eat any of these… not really a huge fan of scallops wrapped in bacon… lol… :] Overrated.

Shrimp Cocktail
Chilled Black Tiger shrimp with a zesty martini cocktail sauce.

Fresh and huge shrimps. I’m such a shrimp cocktail fan :] The guys ordered it for me to gnaw on… hahaha…. [they picked out the calamari and bacon wrapped scallops hahaha if you guessed]

Spinach Salad
Baby spinach, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, pecans and red onion in a chardonnay vinaigrette with Bleu cheese crumble.

I love spinach salad. The blew cheese wasn’t overpowering at all and I just love tart dried cranberries in salads… simple and happy. Didn’t need dressing at all… I’m still set on how really good salads shouldn’t need dressings… I only ever use dressing if it’s a bad bland salad.

Trio Sampler
Steamed fresh asparagus, sautéed Portabella & Button Mushroom and sweet potato fries.

Yay for asparagus pee… I think I pretty much ate most of this. The mushrooms were really good and who can ever resist sweet potato fries?

Keg Size® Prime Rib
Specially aged for extra flavour and tenderness, rubbed with our unique blend of spices and slow roasted. Hand-carved and served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, horseradish and red wine herb au jus.

I liked the fatty parts and it was tender but it just wasn’t as juicy as I usually like it.

Grilled Top Sirloin with backed potato and onion strings.

Medium rare and very flavorful and delicious. R and I shared our plates so we switched off midway. I ended up eating all the skin off of the baked potato hehehe….

Key Lime Pie

R’s coworker got this. Heard no complaints.

Banana Caramel – Caramel sauce, banana cake and butterscotch.
Chocolate Fudge – Layered chocolate brownie and chocolate mousse.
Carrot Cake – Moist carrot cake with a cream cheese icing.

AHHH delicious. I love carrot cake.. and anything banana. The banana was soooo goood.. could’ve eaten a whole cake of it.. and probably of the other two too. I love these mini shot glasses of desserts… lets me indulge without feeling like a fatso. But what a tease… ended up still wanting more….

All in all it wasn’t a bad steakhouse… loved the beers… wait staff was super nice… but food wise?  Not something to write home to mama about. Very typical steakhouse… the steaks were alright… Gotta stick to my favs for good steak ;] I’m spoiled by awesome chefs like Rick.


  1. Hehe, i noticed you didn’t touch the scallops…but I wasn’t sure why :) The desserts were great, can’t wait for us to put stuff like this together.


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