Anguilla // Day Three

The morning started off just like every other morning there… bacon and breakfast on the terrace :] With STEWART of course… who is Stewart you ask??….

Stewart ♥ eats with us every morning on the terrace until Nemo the black cat chased him away :[

* many videos below the cut*

Smoked Salmon /garnies caper berries, black pepper sour cream, red onion, hard boiled egg, cream cheese, toasted onion bagel.

A nice toasted bagel on the side… the smoked salmon was… well smoked salmon, can’t really screw it up… minced up egg, red onion and capers on the side — LOOOOVE capers… sour cream and cream cheese [altho that blob of cream cheese kinda creeped me out…  good thing they came with extra cream cheeses on the side… more on that later *wink]

Island Lobster Omelet / shitake mushroom, scallions, ememthal cheese, teardrop tomatoes

It was a bit too dry but filled with a lot of lobster…

No bento for the Tropical and Seasonal Fruit Plate today :[ & we didn’t take a pic of our daily coffees, teas, BACON, grapefruit juices and orange juices… :]

Btw this is what happened to the cream cheese for the bagel…

And, just like the other days, after breakfast we took the few steps down to our sandy white beach to play in the sun…

The view of our villa from where we decided to lay out….

And then lots of playing on the beach…. calling our friends back at home to make fun of them for being at work in cold cold weather [we’re evil like that]…..

My partner in crime totally fails at taking jumping pics… he took like 20 and failed them all :[ This one got me up high long enough for him to snap it… ahhh I feel like I cheated tho >_<;;

… and tanning while staring out at the most amazing view… AHHHHH sooooo relaxing…

… and of course RUM PUNCH!!!

We rented a car for the rest of the week so around 3 we got really hungry and decided to go island exploring…

Of course with a lunch destination in mind…. the famous SMOKEY’S AT THE COVE

Looks so simple… but the food is so much more :]

We decided to go for a beer….. I had the Heinie and R had the Red Stripe….

Spicy Seafood Chowder with Garlic Herb Croutons

Delicious. We almost didn’t get a soup because it was so hot out but how can you resist? Chowder will always be a comfort food…. mmmm and spicy seafood chowder? Amazing!!! Sooo flavorful and just enough spice.

Grilled Shrimp Salad

Simple but full of leafy greens, so fresh.. and the large delicious succulent shrimp [omg getting hungry right now just thinking back to that meal…]

Grilled Anguillian Lobster with Garlic Butter

Probably the best Lobster we had here in Anguilla… cooked wonderfully, tender, flavorful, mouth watering… all of this devoured in a matter of minutes….. and of course with some yum slaw and rice and peas. When we heard about rice and peas in Anguilla as a signature dish we were both thinking green peas.. but they meant black eyed peas… and we’re not talking BEP ;] hahaha.. but soooo gooood….

After talking with some locals working there about fruits and things to eat… we decided to explore some more….

Found a couple of chinese places out here.. including “MINGZ” and Dragon Garden [see below] we also saw a RED DRAGON NIGHT CLUB…. scary…. but apparently it’s a hopping place… *cough

Wild chickens running around on the road…

We ended up buying a grapefruit at a tiny stand… but were craving more local fruit….so we ended up at a grocery store :]

CHEESEYYYYY and CARAMELLLLLLLY at the same time. Got us confused. Tasty.. but still better seperate…

So creepy. Such advertising fail. Blue Bell is really good too….

Nothing like buying “Cut-Up Chicken Parts”

We both these two, both were really good :] A little on the sweet side but tasty!!!

But what is he wearing?!?!!?!??!?!…..

Don’t look at my face… cuz the Buckets O Un-Refrigerated Margarine is so much grosser.. I think.. MMMM… YUM!

We ended up buying those drinks, some fresh medjool dates… the caramel cheddar popcorn… and some of those fruit strings and nuggets…

…. unfortunately the candies were made in China…. not some caribbean island.. but at least they were “responsibly” made in China… hahahahaha…

After that we headed back to our villa.. we were both really sleepy from all the beach and exploring… so we tried to nap but ended up watching Tideland and getting ready for dinner instead. We were off to THE DUNE PRESERVE to eat some great BBQ and watch Bankie Banx play… we were told there’d be a younger crowd [um, fail?] but good thing it was really cold so I didn’t feel too slutty wearing a boobie top [hahaha]

Mad shady looking place tho [looks sooo empty from the outside]

When we first got there I thought it was CLOSED or just completely empty… you really had to walk.. walk… all the way in… hahaha I was all nervous….

We started off drinking rum punch.. but ended the night drinking red stripes :]

Cute doggy I kept feeding BBQ too…

Sorry the pics came out so unflattering but flash was def needed here…

My BBQ Fish :D

You can see a bit of my slutty top.. hahaha… but I was so happy to get my whole fish. I love how everywhere but the States when  you ask for fish you get the whole thing… not just a lame fillet. Actually later on in the week we saw someone actually get their fish deboned for them…. like seriously? SERIOUSLY? You can’t eat fish without choking on bones by yourself? Sigh* The Asian in me wants to bitch-slap them and teach them how to suck the bones clean. Survival of the fittest, if you choke on a fish bone and get all traumatized from it I have no respect for you.. sorry – they’re not out to kill you, just learn to chew before you swallow]

Tender, juicy, smokey chicken. Smothered in delicious BBQ sauce. Lip smacking good…

I was told “I never thought someone could look so good while tearing apart a piece of chicken” something or other “I’ve never seen a girl look so sexy eating chicken”… basically saying.. that yes, I have no shame. I’m the girl who goes to fancy five star restaurants and picks up the steak bone to gnaw it clean. Damn skippy.

Ribs… now I haven’t had ribs in ages… [it seems] – these were soooo sooo soooooo gooood… so good in fact we ordered another plate. Seriously. BTW, the sides on the plates were curried veggies, rice and peas, corn and a salad…

How other customers were getting by with just one plate of food was beyond us. As we were chomping at these…..

The show begins…

He was so fucking amazing.

I need me some Bankie Banx in  my ipod.

It was getting cold so I decided that it was time to leaveee…..

BUT the night was young and we were looking for more action [and *cough* drinking] so we headed to….

Right by the….

….to ELVIS’ BEACH BAR to drink lots and lots of their specialty rum…

Elvis didn’t expect us two little asians to be able to handle our liquor cuz he said, drink 5 shots and 3 were on him… but then we got there too fast that he said we had to drink 10 and then a b52…. bastahd [hahaha just kidding, chillest guy ever]

THIS. PLACE. IS. SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Friendliest ppl, coolest crowd and bestest bartender ever [ELVIS!!!] GOGOGOGOGOGOGO….

Btw, I got caught by the Fashion Popo…

SIGH. Hahahahaha…… SERIOUSLY.. who would shop at a store called FASHION VICTIM?!?!?!?!…..


  1. i just love love love your update!!!! I’ve been waiting for one foreverrr and Anguilla sounds like a dream. Keep updating PLEASE! Ur pix are so drool-able



  1. […] of the best vacations of my life. There I had some of the most delicious food of my life – and than some….. AND THEN some not so good […]


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