Anguilla // Day Two

I started the day [just like every other morning for the rest of the week] with our complimentary breakfast sent to our private terrace…

Coconut Crusted Brioche French Toast / Brown Sugar Glazed Bananas

This came with a side of caramel [which was fun to dip our bacon into] this was really quite tasty… I would’ve loved more bananas and coconut shavings on it :]

Apple Wood Smoked Chicken Hash / Poached Farm Eggs, Creole Potatoes, Chive Glacage

.. it was a little bit on the salty side and the yolk was way overcooked [aka not runny] but at least it wasn’t completely oversolid… still :T I expected the chicken to be more… shredded [mmmm pulled chicken!!!] but it was definitely smokey… more chicken and less potatoes please.

Tropical and Seasonal Fruit Plate… altho we soon realized that their fruits aren’t that spectacular there [a big pout for me] but their fresh squeezed juices are delicious [we got grapefruit and orange every morning!] We ended up asking what their specialty fruits were and they weren’t really anything special.


And so began the daily Bacon. I had bacon every morning from Tuesday to Saturday :] — yep kept the tradition up when we got back to Boston.

Our chose of bread basket — Chocolat au Pain, Apple Turnovers, Banana Bread

Delicious jammies on the side for our bread!!!

We then proceeded to spend the rest of the day – literally – on the beach.

Finally around 2ish we realized how starving we were we headed to BLUE [which was being served in PIMMS since they’re being renovated]

Complimentary Plaintain Chips with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Hummus
.. soooo goooooooood… LOOOOOOOOVED it with the sun dried tomatoes :]

Our view :]

XXX Calypso Hot — One of the most spicy delicious hot sauces I’ve ever had. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Must order some asap! [I hate this whole under 3oz liquid thing for airports, so stupid]

Refreshing Red and Green Gazpacho / steamed shrimp

Meh. Not that it was bad but it’s not gazpacho to me. I’ve only had chunkier gazpacho and this just tasted like green juice [which I love but not when they serve it to me as gazpacho.. I like getting what I expect]

St. Tropez Vegetable Basket / prepare your own seasonal vegetable plate, hand selected by the chef presented basket style

So fresh and delicious!! Crunchy and happy in my belly. I loved my basket of veggies. Fennel, Broccoli, Tomato, Parsley, Basil, Celery, Peppers, Avocado, etc… and SURPRISE!!! A Pomegranate… one of the sweetest I’ve ever eaten….

Chipotle Lobster Quesadilla / grilled lobster, black beans, roasted peppers fresh cheese and cilantro, mango dressing

Very tasty…. the tortilla could’ve used a bit more crunch to it but it was filled with delicious lobster.. now add some of that stupendous hot sauce and some of that fresh salsa on the side  – our mouths were happy.

Char-Grilled Vegetables & Spinach Salad / goat cheese fritters, orange balsamic dressing

The wind blew over my first Pimms Cup :[

Creole Sensation / nougat ice cream with raisins, dried fruit and honey served with raspberry sauce

This is one of the yummiest ice creams I’ve ever had. The nuts, the dried fruit, the subtle taste of nougat in the ice cream. Annnnnd of course served in a delicious white/dark chocolate bowl.

Vanilla Crème Brûlée / ginger infused crème brûlée, fresh tropical fruit

Delicious. Crunchy top and the crème was filled with vanilla bean seeds :]

After lunch we beached some more and then had a SPA appointment for a couples massage. SOOOO great. SOOOOOOOO relaxing :] Once again, we were called Mr. & Mrs. R :] Hahah. After our massages we watched the sunset at MAUNDAYS CLUB while they had complimentary Tea Time [mmmm I had this coconutty oolong tea along with “biscuits” hehehe.. aka COOKIES AND SCONNNNNNNES!!!]

Dinner @ PIMMS

Riesling Auslese, ‘Ürziger Würzgarten’, Dr. Loosen Mosel-Saar-Ruwer 2003

So delicious that we ended up ordering this wine again at Veya on our last nite. We actually ended up getting the last bottle EVER from the restaurant. Hahahaha… :]

Complimentary Foie Gras bite from the chef – wrapped in wonton and a spicy mango salsa

I can’t help but be blunt but this was HORRIBLE. There was something definitely wrong with the foie, undercooked and maybe not fresh? It was the worst piece of foie I had ever had. Which is sad because I LOVE foie [you guys know that] I only had a tiny piece and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth :[ Depressing….

Pressed Foie Gras, Mango Caviar & Exotic Salad / red beet reduction and toasted brioche

This foie was better than the seared but I was a bit scarred.. plus I’m not a huge cold foie mousse/pate fan usually…. but there have been exceptions :] The brioche was a bit soggy and we needed more than two slices…. I expected more salad as well….

I liked how the foie came in a little glass jar all rillettes style :]

Ahi Tuna & Conch Ceviche / exotic fruits marmalade, ginger and lime dressing

When I think of ceviche, I’m thinking more small pieces and def more mexican. Here in Anguilla, apparently their ceviches are large slices of seafood… kinda overwhelming… We ended up only eating half.. it was okay.

Pan Roasted Island Lobster / crispy basmati rice, chardonnay ginger veloute

Anguillan/Caribbean Lobster actually doesn’t have large claws – R and I are convinced that they’re just overgrown, less sweet, crayfish. Definitely more of a fan of crayfish!!!

The lobster also came with buttery green beans…

Chilean Sea Bass / wild mushrooms ravioli, English pea coulis, saffron reduction

Usually when you get Chilean Sea Bass, it is just a buttery smooth silky fillet… but this came with a nice crisp seared crust. The inside was still extremely buttery, but you guys know how much I love texture and this was just such a happy surprise.

The mushroom ravioli was sooo delicious, huge and filled with tasty ‘shrooms, as was the creamy sauce. I’m not a sauce person either but I enjoyed all of this.

Kiwi Carpaccio / champagne mousse with mango cremeux

Delicious. Luscious creamy champagne mousse, delicious thin slices of kiwi…. thin slices of mangoes with chocolate wrapped inside.

Crepe Souffle a L’Orange / Crepe suzette stuffed with orange soufflé Chocolate sauce

Whoever thought to put a soufflé in a crepe was a genius. GENIUS MAN! The orangeyyyy, the fluffy soufflé… the tender crisp crepe.. omgomgomg.. and of course the chocolate sauce. Chocolate and oranges are SUCH a match made in heaven :] Yayayayayyyy…

While the beginning of the meal was kinda…. fail… super fail [omg totally put me off of foie gras for awhile] the rest of the meal really really helped — as did the reisling!


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  4. […] Btw, with wine we ordered a glass of red to go with the duck [forgot what kind] and another bottle of that “Riesling Auslese, ‘Ürziger Würzgarten’, Dr. Loosen Mosel-Saar-Ruwer 2003“ we had the other day at PIMMS… […]


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