How to Survive the Day after Paradise…

I just got back from a week long trip to Anguilla. Absolute paradise. But what happens when you’ve gotten used to beach, 80 degree weather, delicious caribbean (heavily french influenced) food – mostly seafood and good bbq – on a daily basis…

What to do…
What to do…

Why eat beef.

The only red meat we’d had at all in Anguilla was the best steak tartar E.V.E.R. at lunch right before we went to the airport to fly back to freezing cold Boston. [but that’s another story to be told…]

So what were we dreaming of when we woke up Saturday morning? STEAK!

We quickly decided on MOOO [the Kobe might have reeled us in for the kill… Grill 23 came in at a close second]

But that’s for dinner, and the only open reservation was 8:30. So we decided on getting a nice big delicious BRUNCH.  We hopped in the shower and headed into town, BEAN-town that is.. aka Boston for you non-Masshole folk,  to get some PIZZA [that I’ve been craving like crazy] at Sonsie’s

Alas, no shrimp curry pizza awaited us [no longer on the menu, sniffle], but BRUNCH was still calling our name….. Me being me, I suddenly found myself losing my pizza craving and ordering the German Pancake. MMMM….

Black Coffee & a Peach Sangria for me… [same for him, sans coffee]


pancake // german puffed, warm apples, raisins, cinnamon créme fraiche


brick oven pizza // burger / cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, special sauce

Afterwards.. we still felt lacking…
So we, being us, ordered another dish, their DELICIOUS french toast.

french toast // rum bananas, caramel, mint

AND, of course, a side of bacon. I’ve been eating a side of bacon EVERY day for breakfast since Tuesday morning and I wasn’t about to stop now :] Teehee…

Afterwards we ran around Newbury St. [shopping and Tseucher Chocolates were calling our name] but it got to cold so we headed into Copley plaza for more shopping and Teavana drinking :] MMMM….

i iz dorkus

FINALLY. It was time for dinner… the anticipation builds as we drive around looking for parking. Stupid. Boston. Lack of parking. BOO!!!


They gave us a nice cozy corner table :]

buttery cast iron rolls and melted butterball… yum

bubbly is always a good apéritif [way to open up the appetite] esp with seafood apps…

1/2 dozen east coast oysters – sauces are a house cocktail, horseradish, raspberry vinaigrette

oyster with the raspberry vinaigrette and a raspberry

caviar // israeli osetra w/ yummies and bellinis and toast

embellishments – egg white strings, capers, sour cream, egg yolk and red onion

beef sirloin carpaccio / horseradish, amarene cherries

honestly, wayyyyy too much UUUUBER strong blue cheese.. too overpowering :T kinda killed it for me.. should’ve gone with the tartar [even tho we just had amazing tartar in anguilla…]

Yea… I sometimes play with my food :]

amazing italian / ca’marcanda promis 2007 // tuscany / merlot, syrah and sangiovese blend

This was SUCH a delicious wine :] kudos to our waiter for recommending it for us to go with our steaks :D

perfection // true 100% kobe beef kagoshima prefecture, japan – sirloin 6oz

absolutely just MELTS in your mouth. divine. orgasmic. best. steak. EVER.

dry aged new york sirloin 35 days – 14oz w/ rosemary and bone marrow butter

delicious. juicy.

cider braised brussel sprouts & bacon

They were so tiny… a little overcooked [or maybe I just like mine more crunchy/slightly undercooked…] but soooooo flavorful…. but not too overly bacon.

winter squash bruleé

Crunchy brown sugar crust and a sweet buttery butternut squash filling…

Warm Apple Pie a la Mode

Warm and buttery, perfectly made crust. Sad tho, I went to go pee after  3 bites and they took it away – thought I was done – sad face… barely licked the ice cream :[

Whoopie Pies – delicious cake and light yummy filling. LOVED the cherry and chocolate on top as well :]

Anguilla posts coming asap!!!


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