NightMarkets — DanShui vs ShiLin vs Hualien

This post will be less foodie but still photo-heavy :] Enjoy~~

First the 淡水 [DanShui] Night Markets….

The first thing I saw was a mini Condom World har har har….


oh em gee….


Fried Durian….

It was a little too greasy for my liking and totally masking the true durian taste….


Supposedly good stinky tofu…

Unfortunately not good :[ I ate half of a tofu and tossed it….

Swirly fresh potato chips!!!

Pink guava…


Regular and wasabi flavored

I got my fav combo, regular with wasabi dressing and NO mayo

Fish and meat balls!!! Very famous place in Danshui

They’re [Danshui] known for their fish balls with pork inside… sooo juicy and delicious

Took me 8 tries…

Tang Hulu my favvvv

Taro & Green Teaaa.. the Taro was sooo goood…

Crazy cat store…

A few days later I met up with my two second aunts, Cathy & Heidi for some night market fun at ShiLin…

First we made a trip to a local noodle shop for some goods

My super spicy noodles

Biggest wontons ever.. I got meat ones and shrimp ones!!!

Then I went to get my nails done next door…

Then we headed to 15ème for some yummies and coffee/tea…. [remember to make reservations ahead of time if you want to eat there..]




If you’re into flavor combos you’d love these cakes.. each layer is a diff texture and flavor… so together they were SOOOO FUGGIN GOOD!!!

& then off to the 士林夜市 [ShiLin Nightmarket]…

Pig’s blood soup – I honestly never touched the stuff until last year :] So good… tender… and if fresh it doesn’t taste anything like blood :]

FINALLYYY some tasty and stinky Stinky Tofu…

Check out my smexy nails ;] Haha.. Doraemon eats these… [dorayaki – red bean pancakes] and I do tooooo



Herbal Pork Rib Soup

蚵仔煎 [pronounced ô-á-chian in Taiwanese] Oyster Pancake.. YUMMMM

Rice Nooooodlesss

BIGGEST sausages… they wer the size of my arm!!

Cute mini burgers

Cathy’s boyfriend kept feeding us with pig’s blood and pancake balls and steamed meat buns…. while we shopped and shopped and shopped :9 hahaha so I’m missing some photos lol…

Hahah these are fake…


Lastly, I visited the nightmarkets while in 花蓮 Hualien [there’s only two: Nanpin Ninght MarketTzuchiang Night MarketHualien].. they were kinda fail tho…

I nibbled on chicken feet and duck wings smothered in spicy powder… cooked to order… and lots of tang hulu… annnd of course:

YESSSSSSIREE.. always good anywhere as long as it’s fresh…..

Half spicy, half wasabi – no mayo (obviously)

And then I just played games for the night…

3 perfect rounds :]  no misses…

I also won a cute white puppy from the machine :] I’m getting soo good at them hahaha….. anyways more interesting on Hualien when I get to that :]

SHILIN still wins :] altho the food is best at Rao He [饒河街觀光夜市] and cheapest best buys are in TaiChung

More blogging tmw :] BTW.. exciting post to come for XMAS EVE DINNER :]

Until then, enjoy SHOW + ELVA… two super hotties from Taiwan :]

BTW, a GIVEAWAY for some yummy treats & other cute addins from Taiwan coming soon!!!


  1. Awesome post tiff! I want those fish balls!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. All of this food looks amazing.


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