Tasty Tasty

I’m behind… work has been hectic and yesterday I went to HsingChu [again] for more feasting with cousins and family [mom’s side] but let’s backtrack a few days…. so I can continue where I last left off…

I ended up taking all the classes I needed to take for Q4 for work this day [three days ago?… or two…] So the day was filled with basically just eating and working…

Tea Time @ Afternoon Tea in Sogo [Zhong Xiao]

And I got my favorite mushroom salad w/ roast chicken from there [no need for pics since I already had it hehehehe]

Apple Cranberry Tea

Banana Kiwi Roll

I love this :] I got it last year once as well!!! Nothing wrong with getting the same things over and over again :]

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Cake
[very brownie like consistency.. so I’d call it a brownie instead of a cake]


Ended up staying there for awhile chatting about life, love, etc… :] Gossip.. hahahaha :] But then headed back to the hotel to take another class [took first one in the morning]

Speaking of morning.. I also was chatting w. MrFF about my dinner plans. TASTY!!! After planning out our extensive “self-tasting” menu we’d get I already had an idea of what I wanted to get for dinner.

I’ve been here once last year for my dad’s elementary school reunion… [where I met ChiChi, Helmut, and other friends etc…] and I remember I had gotten the duck.. which was HUUUUGE portioned and tasty. For a set of 8 courses… 499 NT [only $15.49] is WICKED cheap [ahh gotta let out my inner Bostonian.. hahaha]

鮮蝦蘆筍 / Shrimps and Asparagus

Delicious curry based sauce :]

焗烤蘑菇+方塊麵包 /Baked Mushrooms with Garlic and Cheese + Squared Toasts

SUPER garlicky.. I just ate the chewy cheese off the top :]

My first glass I got had a lipstick stain on it. Ew…. [remember that for story later on] the wine was meh I had 1/2 a glass and left the bottle.

蘿美生菜沙拉 / Romaine Hearts Salad


松露野菇濃湯 / Mushrooms Soup with Truffles
The scent of truffles was overwhelming… I could smell it right next to me… :] MMM mushrooms ♥

杏鮑菇南瓜濃湯 / Pumpkin Soup with King Oyster Mushroom
You can never go wrong with pumpkin soup :D

義式海鮮清湯 / Seafood Consumme in Italy Style
It had saffron and was light, fragrant (hint of basil leaf) and delicious

To rinse your palate between dishes!!!

西西里海陸雙拼〈牛+海鮮〉 (紐澳、美國) / Steak and Mixed Sea Food in Sicily Style

The fish & squid were delicious… the marinated yam on the side was fantasmic :]

義式茴香魚排 / Italian Fennel Fish

I asked for medium rare… and this is what I got… it also tasted like it was boiled or steamed meat…. :P EPIC FAIL.

OK OK OK GOSSIP TIME.. according to one of my aunts… their steaks are “man-made” EWWWWW… even the sinewy parts in it are FAKE.. ewwwwwwwwwww… which is probably why I took a nibble and just couldn’t take another bite. I hate sending back SO much food left on my plate but I couldn’t even fake it…

But they were SUPER about it…. they gave me a free dessert [I passed on getting another free entree] and this delicious blueberry rose tea set. They apologized for the lipstick stain on my wine glass earlier and questioned about my steak. I just said it was fail.

巧克力袋冰淇淋 / Vanilla Ice Cream in Chocolate bag

[horrible name]

玫瑰森林 / Blueberry Rose Tea

I’m loving it…

It was delicious with a slight hint of hazelnut to it. The chocolate got chewy from the cold ice cream.. NOM!

My complimentary 法式烤布蕾 / French Creme Brulee
The custard was great but it lacked the sugary crunchy hard top that I love so much about creme brulees…

But yea.. next time I’ll stick with the duck or fish. Check out the menu yourself :]


Since I’m behind in posts I’m gonna squish a bit more of fun in so you guys can catch up on what I’ve been up to… [other than work] :D

National Palace Museum

I hadn’t eaten yet so we headed to the food court asap.

Taiwanese Food Court @ The National Palace Museum

My two favorites —

Marinated Piggie Feet :] w/ Bambooooo!!! SOOO GOOD

Traditional Tan Zhe Noodles

Boiled Greens with Pork

Golden Fried Shrimp Rolls
[I hate how when translated into English, food just doesn’t sound as good as it does in chinese…]

Miaokow Steamed Taro Cake

Tainan Coffin Board
Was VERY disappointed with this. It’s corn/peas/carrots with a white sauce made with shrimp and intestines…. in a fried toast >_<;;; GAG

More boiled greens with pork

Marinated Pig Intestine

Hahaha I snuck took these two pics until I realized that you really wasn’t supposed to be taking ANY pics.. oops ;] But isn’t the Buddha statues GORGEOUS?!?!?!… they’re HUUUGE too….

I iz Rawr?

And tonite when I’m back from playing with Heidi & Cathy all over Taipei I’ll write about the Danshui Nightmarkets [including a CHINESE CONDOM WORLD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA] that I went to after the Museum :]

[ps. sorry if I look like crap, it’s because I’m barely sleeping…]


  1. the kiwi roll is kind of insane, in a good way


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