Japanese & Tea Time at Taipei 101

Kisses from cousin & I  from Taipei 101

Hahaha.. we’re the tallest ppl in our family.. it’s too hilarious… we TOWER over our moms and aunts when we go out to eat and shop… :P We’re sooo alike :] AH, so so so LOVES her…. guys, get her while she’s still single… bet you can’t guess how old she is too ;] HOTNESS… ok ok, onwards to the food…

Yesterday we headed down to the ever famous Taipei 101 for some shopping and eats… us 范 females are vicious when it comes to eating :9

We decided to go Japanese for lunch…

The specials came with a side salad…. look at the fresh chunks of corn :D yummmmyyyy….

Since my cousin and I are both HUGE fans of sashimi we decided to get this sashimi for 2 to split :D……



As a starter :D

It was all sooo delicious and fresh. Not one taste of fishiness at all and this plate was only about 40$… which is really cheap for so much really really fresh sashimi….

We also chose some Seared Raw Short Rib… this was sooo tender and delicious. How does anyone not eat raw beef?

Next came some delicious Japanese udon sukiyaki for two…

Some delicious grilled Mackerel… soft and tender… the crisp skin balanced with the natural oiliness of the fish and then with the lemon squeezed over it. PERFECTION.

This plate of sushi actually took FOREVERRRRR to come out… so we e ended up getting it for free since they forgot all about it… TWICE!!! Although we werent hungry anymore, we still gobbled it up. The tuna had avocado on it… the squid had herbs… scallop was topped with uni (sea urchin) which IIIII got to eat… that HUGE slice of eel was ONE piece… and the white fish actually had black bean sauce on it :O tasty…

We shopped around Taipei 101 (I got the most GORGEOUS tube  top from Kookai!!! and tried on gorgeous – but too large – coats @ Jean Paul Gaultier… and then we were ready for more eats…

So off to my mom and I’s favorite tea time place at 101…

We got a round of espressos… some included ridiculous amounts of whipped cream floating on top of them… I may or may not have gotten one or two of these…… ;]

Cousin’s Caramel ice cream with caramel center

Mommy’s Mango sorbet

三 Auntie’s chocolate ice cream

My mocha/vanilla with caramel center ice cream…

I was choosing between this and a dark chocolate 火山 (volcano) ice cream with a mandarin (orange) center… which I’ll probably end up trying next time I’m here for tea time ;] Fatty alert…

For Dinner we decided to go simple, 4 dish sets was less than 4$ each at Food Court @ Sogo

Bittermelon soups, chicken+rice, delicious greens, goose, drunken chicken, noodles, meatball soup, etc…


Oh what a day of eats… :D Come back soon for tonite’s…


  1. Oh my! Sashimi <3 All your food look so good. And also, helloooo cousin ;)


  2. yuuuuum sashimi!!!!



  1. […] and tired, we took a cab to Taipei 101 and got us some, since for Jap we usually just go to Daikanyama, super gourmet Japanese sushi buffet at Wasabi. I’ve seen it for so many years BUT I’ve […]


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