hole-in-the-walls are the best places to dine…

Last night we ventured into a nearby alleyway for some hole in the wall dining :] It’s called 劉家小馆 (Liu Family Small Eats)

First we got to choose some small dishes to nibble on while we ordered.. these are complimentary.

Sweet White Bitter Melon…

These were soooo surprisingly sweet (and simple to make) but sooo tasty… plus bitter melon is really good for you :] Esp for the skin!!! Eat upppp!!!

Spicy Tofu & Small Dried Sardines

Beef Tendons w/ scallions

Soooooo tender and delicious. Melt in your mouth happiness…

Don’t be intimidated now…

THE MOST DELICIOUS DUMPLINGS!!! My cousin and I ordered another 10 after finishing the entire dinner.. :D CAN’T. GET. ENOUGH.

Chicken Kidneys and Ginger

The chicken kidneys were really good… I’ve never had chicken kidneys before and was pleasantly surprised. They’ve got bounce to their chew… the ginger and the soupy sauce it was in was SOO GREAT as well :]

Hamachi Dumplings

The inside was a paste of hamachi… very delicious!

Duck’s Blood  & Pig’s Intestines

The duck’s blood isn’t as “blood” like as pig’s blood… and very smooth and tasty.. the intestines were very well cleaned and very chewy and delicious. Fulll of flavor.

Fish & Spinach soup :]

SOOOOO YUMMY!!! Surprise bamboo shoots in it toooo…..

What kind of foods were you pleasantly surprised at trying? Or if you had a bad reaction to it, please share.

Nothing really frightens me to try anymore.. and I’ve tried a lot of things… :]


  1. I haven’t been surprised by anything yet… Think we would have to go for some insects


    • misstiffie says:

      anything but tarantulas.. after zimmerman said that they taste like soft shell crabs with a gooey center.. i gag at the thought…


  2. im not a fan of blood soup– i taste scabs.


    • misstiffie says:

      lol but it was from your liu family ;] hahahaha

      omg.. scabs.. ewww.. usually things taste too bloody to me but it wasn’t!!!! maybe cuz it was ducks and i usually have piggie…


  3. Hihi may I know where is this eatery? Wanna
    try when I’m in Taiwan.



  1. […] haven’t been back to Liu Family Small Eats aka 劉家小馆 in like two years…. I remember them having delicious small dishes and the […]


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