battle of the soup dumplings

Ah, one of my favorite foods, 小籠包 (xiao long bao) aka soup dumplings…

Last nite we went to 高記 (Kao Chi) which is right next to our hotel. Had high hopes but it failed to meet our expectations…. not so great dinner :[ (but a lot of it was due to my mom & aunt complaining about how Din Tai Fung’s dumplings were better hahahaha) Highlight was the stir-fried greens and the dessert.

Xiao Long Baos :D

Duck tongues wrapped in Cucumbers (cold dish)

Shanghai Fried Stuffed Buns (Shen Jieng Bao)

Flaky Daikon Buns & Savory Shie Ka Hwang

Crispy Sesame Chestnut Paste Pasty

And then this afternoon for my breakfast and everyone else’s lunch (haha I was working til around 3am) we went to YAYYYY 鼎泰豐 (Din Tai Fung)!!! [I’m a Happy Bunny :D]

Some small dishes before we eat… spicy seaweed&noodles, wheat gluton and drunken chicken :D

Xiao Long Baos.. ended up ordering more for my tummy :D

Melt in your mouth, makes you soul happy!!!!

Shark fin Dumplings

Best chicken soup

Yvonne (my cousin) and I LOOOOOVE chicken feet

Red bean dumplings

Hot and sweet and creamy :]

Black sesame buns.. piping hot and fresh.. made to order :D

Such a good way to end the day :]

Note: I forgot to take pics of their yummy greens and their shrimp fried rice.. sooooo tasty!!!!

After shopping around some boutiques and getting a new pair of Anna Sui earrings….,

And doing some pretend modeling….

This is Balenciaga

I was craving more food… again :P So we stopped by 小王子的飛行旅程(le vol du petit prince)

French pastry chef making chocolates

My macarons <3 MY BABIES!!! — Coffee, Raspberry & Passionfruit… Raspberry was my fav because there was a layer of the cream and a layer of raspberry preserves :D The pink doesn’t hurt either…


Macaron Ice Cream Sundae :]

Cheers *kisses*

You guys can’t see it really but I have a HUGE misquito bite on my lip :[ Super lame.. hahahaha


  1. i love love LOVE din tai fung. the fun starts outside while watching them make it! so precise… haha i’m so glad you’re eating yummy food! =D


    • misstiffie says:

      omg we so need to be in taiwan at the same time :D let me know of anything you crave and i’ll bring you back some!!! <333 either way expect goodies from meeeeee <3


  2. Ooh, I LOVE xiao long bao. Nothing beats warm soup and a ball of delicious meat… in the middle of a bun. :D So jealous of all those different baozi! And the chestnut paste thing looks so good.

    I need to go to Taiwan more than I need to go back to China.



  1. […] especially for great Shanghai food.. :] And when I’m bored of always eating Din Tai Fung for xiao long baos…. DEFINITELY hit one of them up :] They’ve got a few locations in Taipei! Rate this: […]


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