the motherland

For those of you that are following my twitter or are friends with me on facebook know, by now, that I’m in Taiwan.. but for you readers… SURPRISE!!!!

We started off with a feast with some fam (as you know now, my mom’s side is HUGE… this was just like 1/4 of us LOL.. the BIG feast is next sat!!!)

The meal started off with a few small cold dishes to snack on while we order.. we had some marinated chunks of duck wings, this pickled peanut/veggies dish, chicken stomach with spicy pickled mala daikon and cold garlic green beans.

Soon our first dish arrived…

Tofu Stew with Seafood..
The tofu was so tender and delicious… the taste was so delicate and almost even sweet….

First bowl of many :]

Roast Goose w/ sauce and pickled Carrots

Mini Flaky Daikon Cakes..

Tofu skin with greens and edamame

Spicy Fried Chicken

Spicy Beef and Tofu Strips

Chewy Rice Cakes with Veggies wrapped in an Egg Omelet

Fried Fish with this mango/peppers sauce.. so good…

Yummy seafood soup!!!

We also had 豆苗 (Dau Miu aka Pea Shoots).. but my cousin and I decided that it was too boring to look at :]

Afterwards we headed to the hospital to visit my grandma <3

We ended the day at my uncle’s condo eating and talking the rest of the day….
Followed by more feasting at a cafe before heading back to the hotel for a bit… but we got hungry so we went out for a late midnite snack at a swanky cafe/bar/lounge, Khaki in one of Taipei’s expensive districts…. they had typical bar/lounge snacks and food and then the hardcore Taiwanese food like Beef Noodle soup and stuff.. we opted for lighter salads and some finger foods…

Awesome atmosphere books and stuff :]

( Departure Building)

15, RenAi Rd, Sec 4, 1F
(02) 2779-1152
Hours: Sun-Thu 12 pm-12 am
Fri and Sat 12 pm-2 am

There are three floors and the top floor is more clubby and of the celeb life :]

Chef’s Salad

Smoked Salmon Salad with the BEST vinaigrette EVER

(obviously not my picking)
Spicy chicken wings, fries, HUGE fried calamari rings

Gooey brownie w/ ice cream

70% cacao chocolate cake

Passionfruit :]

Kisses and cheers from Taiwan…
And THIS was only DAY 1 :]

(sorry I look so exhausted… I hadn’t slept in over two days except for a scattered 3 hrs altogether)


  1. love love LOVE. =9


  2. taiwanese cuisine is soo different, which is why I need to try more


  3. Julia Schreuder says:

    Everything looks AMAZING!! I’m drooling =]…… Have a fun trip.


  4. LOVE it! What a day, what a day, huh? Photos are vivid and mouthwatering. I totally want the daikon cakes, the roast veggies and rice cakes in egg omelette and that uber gooey-looking brownie!!!


    • misstiffie says:

      wish you were here to enjoy it with me :D i’ll bring you back some goodies tho!!! can’t wait to feast with u in december!!! :D


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