Wait, it’s Monday again?….

My quick weekend has been a blur… a yummy one… and a nice, warm and sunny one. A great last weekend before……..

Well, we’ll talk about that later :]

Saturday night, I had originally planned to cook from my beloved Momofuku book… but wanted something quick and simple instead. MINI PIZZAS!!!!

Whole Wheat Tortillas
Fig Spread
Grilled Chicken
Drizzle of Truffle Oil

I gobbled a few of these up. Super cheesy and gooey :]

Sunday Morning was Brunch time for Sel De La Terre

Apple Street Farm mixed greens salad with shaved fennel, red onions, pomegranate vinaigrette

I usually will come in here and get this with seared tuna for a quick snack.. I love the fennel in this :] A tasty mixture of delicious greens and the vinaigrette is super tasty. I love all things pom… must learn to recreate it. The vinaigrette was a thick yogurt type dressing so I just dipped the fork in to eat with the salad. Nom!

White pumpkin and Bosc pear soup; toasted almonds

Delicious and creamy… piping hot (for some reason I expected it to be a cold soup) and did I mention creamy? The sweet was mainly from the pear I’m guessing.. and it smelled of pumpkin pie!!!!.. the almonds added a very nice crunch. Love love loved it.

Italian deli sandwich; mortadella, hot sopressata, prosciutto de speck, gruyère cheese, red pepper agro dolce on rosemary focaccia pavé w/ Paprika Chips

Layers of yumminess :] The prosciutto was a bit too fatty and I couldn’t chew t :[ Sadness… But the mortadella was smooth and delicious and the sopressata was very yum. I adored the sweetness of the red pepper agro dolce and the bread was fluffy and tasty!!! I’m a HUGE fan!

Brioche French toast, almond-vanilla butter, petit citrus salad; Vermont maple syrup

This toast was sadly totally fail. Looks pretty, and I usually get french toast here but they didn’t soak it in the custard and it was SATURATED with oil :[ Talked with the manager and he apologized about it since they didn’t change the recipe just accidentally messed up this order. Sadness. Next time.

Omelette; tomato, piave vecchio, chorizo, sweet pepper, onion, potato hash

Always a fan of this. Loves it.

Applewood smoked bacon

Bacon. Yum. Always a fan of bacon. Perfectly cooked bacon. :]

Good news later this week :] It’s a surprise!!!!


  1. the soup looks DELICIOUS =9


  2. sorry the french toast was no bueno!! that is so frustrating when you go to a certain place knowing what you like and then it doesnt come out the way you expect!!

    i still have yet to go to sel de la terre!

    have a great week xoxo


  3. I highly enjoyed reading your article, keep on creating such interesting posts!


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