dear Met Bar….

[this was written last Friday late afternoon..forgot to publish it]

… when it comes to burgers, I think we’re over.
Yes, I think it’s time to break up.

All this talk of burgers (it was 5$ burger week at Primehouse in Chicago) really got me wanting one. A nice big fat juicy burger.

So I went to my favorite burger bar near me, Met Bar + Grill to get my fix.

Usually I make my own… or I just order their pasta & a humongooooo salad with added meats…. (my fav DIY burger combo there is:  Kobe, Foie, Fried Egg, Brie, Truffle Oil, Arugula – Yes please.) Yea that’s my typical burger there…

But I decided to change things up a little bit. The waiters there all know me by now, so I asked my water du jour what HIS fav burger was.,,,,

LA – THE IDOL: Avocado / Bacon / Lettuce / Tomato / Sprouts / Roasted Garlic May / on Sesame Seed Bun
TOKYOKobe Beef / Avocado / Muenster / Pickled Onions / Sticky Soy / Diakon Sprouts / on Sesame Seed Bun
—– To me, asian fusion has been done…. and I was actually thinking of the LA… that or

MEXICO CITYJack Cheese / Jalapenos / Guacamole / Cilantro / Fire-Grilled Salsa / on Sesame Seed Bun
or the
ATHENS: Veggie Burger / Tzatziki / Feta / Cucumber / Tomato / Hummus / on Seven Grain Bun

ANYWAYS so I end up with the LA on a whole wheat with swiss :] I got it medium rare, but it was definitely bloody and closer to the rarer side. It came with a giant pickle slice, yummy crispy fries and I got onion strings to split on the side.

Sadly it just wasn’t juicy/tender enough. It was nice and bloody.. but I couldn’t even tell there was swiss.. and the meat was just… a lot drier than I would’ve wanted. Sad. And it’s just way too tiny for my big belly…. Sorry Met Bar, but once again, when it comes to burgers, I need to break up with you….

Fortunately.. your onion strings are still amazing :D

Sigh. Can’t wait to visit Chicago again and get the Burger Heaven Chef Rick promised me at Primehouse :]

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