Haha so me… & some quickie cooking…

How come ppl don’t comment anymore? *pout*

Decided to take a cute little quizzie that just popped up on my twitter page from one of my fav tweeters @mylastbite!!!

What’s your “Foodie Profile” ?


Last nite I decided to make a quickie dinner for me and my parents. I’ve made this before with the boyfriend (except with pork belly instead of proscuitto) but this time I changed it up a little bit with proscuitto, turkish figs, some chianti  & cute little cipollini onions.

On the side I sauteed some spinach with garlic and a sprinkling of a secret spice…

All three plates ever devoured CLEAN! <3 NOM!

I just had lunch and it was lame. Good thing breakfast of yogurt & cereal strangely filled me up completely this morning…. It’s taco day @ the work cafeteria but the fake hard shelled kinds with the minced beef & etc… :[ Sad. Ended up just getting a fake torta and building a huge salad with grilled chicken. I’m still hungry….

Fruit time… :D


  1. boo on fake food! =P the figs look DELICIOUS.


  2. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    you’re cooking again sweetie! :)


  3. hi it’s Mae! first time i’m ‘stepping’ onto your blog. i love it =) you make me feel full. how many people can claim that they make a person feel full? Lol…


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