OctoBEER Fest a la Rick Gresh

Oh Gresh, you genius you! Not only can you cook you can brew some delicious delicious beer. I don’t remember the last time I DRANK this much beer… maybe since college?!?!?!… And back in those days it was just cheap beer too… yours?! I’d pay a LOT for it :] I’m SUCH a fan!

The peach one was (also the first one we got) was one of my fav beers of the nite :] Read on below to find out the details

Let’s start from the beginning.. SO… once again I was accompanied by two of my favorite foodies :] Boyfriend & his brother!!! (You saw how much we threw down @ Anteprima and boyfriend & I could’ve still eaten more after that! We clear out restaurants with our appetites)

I’ll begin with boyfriend & I’s brunch :] We woke up early and walked over to Uncommon Ground for their amazing brunch! I’m such a fan and today we wanted both savory and sweet… so

Apple Crisp French Toast w/ Ricotta & Almonds … and do you see those delicious chicken, maple, sage sausages in the background. Emphasis on DELICIOUS.

We always need some yogurt, fruit and granola!!! I love how they do it here.. the fresh yogurts and fruits and granola on top AND underneath the yogurt *swoon*

The Gunthorp Farm Chicken Enchilada Skillet with smoked chili sauce, chihuahua cheese, guacamole, sour cream & fried eggs.

AH heaven :]

OKAY.. onwards.. it’s time to talk PRIMEHOUSE! We got there a bit too early so we walked around the block a couple of times.. Checked out some nice restaurant menus and then promptly came back to sit in the bar/lounge and ordered some currant drinks…

I got a Rosy Glow, which is sparkling wine, red currants and a white pepper compote

The boys got a hot toddy (with rum and red currants) and it came with a yum honey stick!

& then the beer + snacks started coming for the “reception” part of the special Dinner:] And Rick was even sweet enough to chit chat with and and explain about the apps and the beers to us. OH boy were we excited.

The beers —

Stoned Wheat…seedling farm peach infused wheat beer, zesty aroma

Belgian Blond…snow white head, gold color, spice, malt hops & orange essence

The snacks —

Lardo pizza (yes, LARDo) with shrooms.. delish! I had two :]

Lamb Proscuitto wrapped around apple..
This was tasty but still too lamby to me, but boyfriend was glad to take it from me :]

Mortadella.. wait for it wait for it.. FRIED Mortadella… AND.. with a mayo :] OH MY OH MY!!! I totally could’ve eaten a ton of these.. deliciously fatty heaven!!!

Once again I’m pwn’d by too much delicious booze (seriously they were pouring the beer and refilling glasses like crazy.. I even somehow ended up with TWO glasses at the entree…) Let me explain….

The menu

You start off with their amazing popovers.. except this time it was a CHEESY popover. Um, THAT just happened. Their delicious popovers just got THAT much better. CHEESE!

First Pairing —

Working Man Champagne…whipped cream head, golden body, toasted bread aroma, malt, fruits & spicy hops

Beet Cured Sturgeon
grilled brioche, butter whipped brie & spiced bacon mustard

THAT BRIE & MUSTARD = EFFING AMAZING!!! This was so tasty!!! And totally not what I expected… I could’ve had a few more plates of these..

Second Pairing —

I-PAC (India Pale Ale With Chamomile)…malt, toffee, caramel apples and floral hops that finish with chamomile

Shrimp & Chorizo Cake
charred corn & roasted sweet pepper vinaigrette

You can’t go wrong with shrimp and chorizo :] Chorizo makes everything better.. almost like bacon!!!!… MMM and the corn puree was delicious

Main Pairing —

2 Wood Ale…reddish brown color, sweet aroma, caramel, toasted malt & velvety mouth feel, started with birch syrup & finished with african mahogany

SEE!!! Dangerous.. TWO glasses… of the same yummy beer…

40 Day Dry Aged Slow Roasted Prime Rib
caramelized onion gratin & grilled lobster mushrooms

Primehouse SERIOUSLY made me fall in love with steaks again.. good steaks, since that time I came earlier in the summer.

Dessert Pairing —

The figgy filled dessert:Sticky Toffee Pudding
chicory creme brulee & chocolate coffee caramel

The beer: Mr. Peabody Porter…rich, full bodied, bittersweet, chocolate & coffee

We met some great fellow tweeters/foodies @rareteacellar & @breannabeike who sat with us!!!!


BTW, I saw WOLVERINE finally last night (whilst sharing a Chocolate Turtle Tart & a Baked Fruit Tart with the boy) and I love how badass Sabertooth was in the movie… Wish there was more DeadPool (LOVE Ryan Reynolds.. um, hottie much?)…

lick lick*

but the CG was HORRENDOUS :[ Sad.

I wish there was blood & more gore tho to make it even more badass!!!!

btw, wth happened to Daniel Henney and his hotness from the K-Drama “My Name is Sam-Soon” ??? Hotness fail :[ I think he just got older and fatter, that’s why *sadface*

Anyways this brings me into another thing I’d like to share. I’m obsessed with Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2.. makes me want to play the first one again too :] And I think I just might!!! Hahaha…

Ok, I’m done being a nerd now:]


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