In the mood for some rosemary frites…

Sorry this is going to be quick and dirty since I have a meeting soon but I’m trying to post more :] I was in the mood for some frites the other day so I stopped by Sel De La Terre for some of their famous and delicious steak frites ♥ I was NOT disappointed, like always. DEEEELISH!!! Enjoy the food porn, sorry they’re kinda dark >_<;;

Trio of Bread Accompaniments: Roasted shallots and garlic confit, Selection of imported French olives &  Roasted eggplant and goat cheese purée with toasted black walnuts

Various yummie breads… I actually ended up eating most of this since the shallots were SOOOO GOOOOOD… I love the one with the golden raisins the most..

This was the highlight of the night:

Flatbread pizza with chicken confit, wild forest mushrooms, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese; truffle oil

Thin crust, delicious…. soo much flavor and not greasy at all… Nothing was overpowering the other and I was just in the state of happy bliss with all the perfectly balanced flavors and textures. Next time I come here I just make get two of these and call it a meal ;] Well… and others, but I could eat these all day long!!!!

Grilled Ribeye Steak Frites (Rosemary!!!) with bone marrow butter, red wine-shallot reduction

Perfection!!! A little under medium rare.. okay a lot more under medium rare which made it a million times better!!! SOOOOO GOOD… and I ate all the frites… thin, crispy and full of flavor.

Mahi Mahi Special with Fingerling potatoes…. Stone fruit and corn/squash.

Whle the corn/squash and potatoes with the stone fruits (which happened to be just peaches and plums) were DELICIOUS… the fish was… super fishy?!?!.. I took a bite and blech. Gross. It was overcooked and way too fishy…

Special Dessert of the Day: Mango Peach Panna Cotta w/ Ginger Ice Cream and Almond Nougat

Strawberry Rhubarb Crepes with Honey Lavender Ice Cream

This was a bit too sweet. The strawberry sauce was over the crepes and it was rhubarb on the inside. The ice cream was AMAZING tho!!!!! Better than the ginger ice cream in the other dessert… but I absolutely LOVED the panna cotta!!!

I saw their Restaurant Month menu and I wasn’t impressed >_<; And it’s actually LAMB not BEEF @ the restaurant.. I duno, I used to LOOOVE doing restaurant week(s) but lately none of the menus at any of the places really impress me.. I’d rather spend a little more money on something I actually WANT to eat!!! You?!?! Do you guys do restaurant week whereever you live?


  1. hey tiffie. how was the birthday? i really wanted to come out and play since i always miss your bday festivities, but i was in vegas eating everything in sight. hehe. hope you ate and drank ridiculously well. <3


    • misstiffie says:

      it was realllllly fun :] ahhh we really need to play together sometime :] i’ll probably visit nyc again soon so hopefully you can come?!?!?! <3



  1. […] OMGOMGOGMOGMOGMOGMGOMGG. So good. I loooooove flatbread [like Sel de la Terre's] […]


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