More people need to love Indian Food…

but eat first or movie first?
too early for dinner… too hungry for just a snack…

so movie.

But beware, if you haven’t seen it yet… it’s really depressing :T

then food. BUT WHERE?!?!?!
*wander wander wander* we wandered up and down the streets… *sniff sniff* Indian…. Indian? YES!!!! We’ve been wanting Indian anyways… :]

INDIA HOUSE (sorry so dark)

Naan fail… boyfriend’s naan fell apart in the yummy sauce lol…

Tandoori Peh-Kush (mixed platter of tandoori:  chicken tikka, chicken reshmi kabab, lamb boti kabab, fish tikka, tandoori shrimp and tandoori chicken)

For our meal we both tried their house specialities: Kadhai Khana’s

His & Her’s

Mine: Samundari (prawns, crabs & lobsters)

His: Lamb

Because of the different proteins, the sauces ended up being flavored by the meats into slightly different flavors.. even tho it was cooked the same way with the same things….

we paired our food with saffron rice & two different naans…

Khurmi: garlic, tomato and chili

It wasn’t spicy like I wanted… super garlicky tho…

And then my fav one of the night:
Kashmiri: pineapple cherries & walnuts

SOOOO thick and fluffy and delicious!!!

My first tastings plate

Yeah I ended up eating must of my dish and a TON more naan…

We ended the night with tea :]

I find Indian desserts to be a bit too sweet for my tastes… (even tho I have a huge sweet tooth… too much is too much)


  1. I do LOVE Indian food. Authentic chai tea after a meal is so good.


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