Yummy Yummy in my Tu… UrbanBelly…

Oh Bill Kim, you and your amazing noodles and dumplings. Thursday we planned out an adventure. Boyfriend, his brother and I took the train.. and then the bus and then walked over to… wait… the laundromat? Dollar store?


Oh me, oh my. What a hidden gem :]

Have you seen the menu???

Don’t kid yourself, you know you’re jealous.

You order at the counter and then sit at the tables… shared tables. Le awesome.


(we came for the watermelon/pork belly special, but now we MUST go back for the foie gras dumplings…. and you know alllll about my love for foie…)

Awesome. The chef himself :]

We ordered… and got ready to conquer…

View from our seats at the end of one of the tables…

First up… the Watermelon

Watermelon salad w/ Pork Belly + Shrimp

Kimchi … sooo good… not just regular cabbage stuff… it had all sorts of veggies in it, including radishes :] LOVE!!!

Duck + Pho Spices Fried Dumplings.. came with this yummy brown dipping sauce. I didn’t know that they were gonna be fried.. pleasantly surprised… they were so delicious!!!

Asian Squash + Bacon Dumplings… the citrus made it perfect.

The bacon wasn’t overpowering at all, just a light sprinkle… I love how cute and round ravioli like they were. Yum! Curious what kind of squash they used tho….

S’s Urbanbelly Ramen w/ Pork Belly, Shiitake and Pho Broth… yummy broth… the ramen was thin and delicious… and how could you ever go wrong with pork belly?!?!?!?…

Boyfriend’s Udon w/ Shrimp, Coriander & Sweet Chili Lime Broth… LOOOOVED the chewy soft udon… delicious soup :]

I had ordered the special: Young coconut broth with spring onion, fresh rice noodle and bay scallops.

A few things about this. But first. EFFING AMAZING.

Ok. Usually I don’t order things with coconut broth and scallops.

1. Overcooked tough scallops = yuck.
2. Coconut is overpowering stuff.

BUT, this was light, slightly spicy…. the scallops were sooooooo tender.. perfectly cooked….

I eated it all :]

You know I love my forks and spoons….

Next time I wanna try the soba :] & the rest of the dumplings!!!!

The bathroom:

That’s boyfriend & me… I duno why he looks asian… and I look like a pin cushion head…

Oh you think I’m done with this post eh? I think not…!!!! More food below :]

We ended the night… well.. walking, a LOT… hahaha… so by the time we got to Pasticceria Natalina

Gelato and Pastries were a must!!!!
(I am the queen of sweets, don’t forget that!!!)

Only 6 Flavors.. but they were 6 BOMBASS flavors…

My dark chocolate and hazelnut gelato!!!! Boyfriend’s espresso was DEEEEEEEEEEELicious… but I didn’t take a pic.

Cookies galore *hearts*

Look at that… WHOLE candied oranges!!!!

This was heavenly..
Banana Cream Cannoncini

The almonds really made it. The banana cream was light… and subtle (kinda skeptical about it at first before trying since banana tends to be overpowering)

I also bought a bag of Cuccidatti:

Short-crust cookie stuffed with an earthy mixture of black figs, toasted walnuts, currants, honey, orange peel, and cinnamon in an orange glaze.

A small baggie of Fichi al CioccolatoDried black Mediterranean figs that are stuffed with toasted walnuts or almonds, then covered with pure dark Belgian chocolate. There were only 4 and they’re really tiny…. BUT DELICIOUS!!!!

But omg, all this talk of Pork Belly before makes me think of LAN and pork cheeks I had there with R. I need to do a post of that place even tho it was awhile ago.


  1. fearlessfabulousfulloflife says:

    what a fabulous restaurant! it sounds not only YUMMY but FUN as well :) love hte pic of you and bf in the bathroom! lol too cute :)

    omg the gelato sounds sooo good! i miss gelato sooo much– i kind of have this weird thing about eating it here in the US because its just SOOO good in italy! but yours sounds incredible!!!

    the candied orange looks AWESOME– i’ve NEVER seen an entire one candied before!! that is sooo cool!

    i love how you and your bf share such a passion for yummy food! that is awesome! :) xoxoxox j


  2. fearlessfabulousfulloflife says:

    oh yes and my new site feed is :


    thanks love!


  3. sounds an amazing place to eat!!! I love soba noodles!!! :)


  4. omg lucky!


  5. Love ur amazing restaurant adventures. Dessert looks heavenly.



  1. […] coconut broths to be heavy but this was pretty good.  Altho fav one would still have to be from Urban Belly. Anyways.  You dont miss the meat at […]


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