Snakes, Taiwan + Paper Taco Trucks

I should warn  you first, this is a random post.

Everyone watch Top Chef Masters last night? Anyone else think they were kinda weak on the interesting “out there” proteins?! Or maybe just cuz I’m Asian and we don’t waste anything and just make it into something else.. even when we’re done to the bones we make soup and then we dry them out, grind them up and make medicine out of it.

Seriously, common night market food is just taking any animal part/organ and just putting it on a stick and frying or cooking it to order.

hearts, stomachs, intestines… chicken butts :] hahaha.. i like mine extra spicy…

Anyone wanna share some ‘out of the norm’ foods they’ve eaten? I mean I feel like in America, people are more scared of anything other than the regular, chicken, beef, pork, fish… I mean I feel like a lot of people aren’t even that adventurous with seafood… or even just vegetables, let alone organs and other body parts…..

BTW, (reminds me of this post) Taiwan sells raw bitter melon juice :]

(ah the jokes that can come out from this pic…)

I guess my coolest latest conquest would’ve been cobra in Taiwan… which isn’t even THAT cool except for the fact that it was a cobra and not just any snake.. haha

It tasted like chicken but had the texture of eel.. just a lot tougher.

What else…
I love duck tongue

Duck tongue in the raw:

I know they look kinda bizarre with the “antennas” haha but they’re not really too out there for me except that they look cool :] Hahaha…

Sigh.. craving stinky tofu now…

On a stick.


Ma la stinky tofu. <3

I miss Taiwan


source: goopymarket@flickr

source: netwert@flickr

Download + Build your own here

Sorry my post is so random. Haha :]


  1. OMG Tiffie, PETA hates you. LOL.


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