So much Foie, so little time… or maybe just enough…

So who’s a lucky girl? I’m a lucky girl!!! Why? Cuz this cutie not only played host for my first visit ever in Chicago… but also took me to Primehouse for Foie Gras week

We decided ahead of time that we were gonna share the whole 11 of them together :] Altho at first boyfriend thought we were both going to get a set EACH :O Haha silly boy.

Check out this chalkboard.
“Reservations via Twitter or Facebook” << AWESOME!!!

The night started off with a warm toasty popover with butter sprinkled with pink salt :]

YUM!!! Usually I opt out of bread in the beginning since I want to leave room for the rest of it, buttttt….. WHO CAN RESIST A PIPING HOT POPOVER?!?!?!… def not me…


gobble gobble…

Partners in Crime :]

Chilled Seafood Maison

6 Jumbo Shrimp
2 East Coast Oysters
2 West coast Oysters
1/4 lb Mussels

Chilled Calamari Salad, Salmon Tartare, Fresh Crab

Dipping Sauces

Paired with a yummy sparkling wine

(okay so we trusted them to pair us with good wines with our food…. which resulted in me being a bit… incoherent at the end of the night. OOOPSSS.. but yea I didn’t get a shot of all the glasses…. I asked for a list of the wines but… by the time the night was over I was wiped out… OOOOOPPPPSSSS)

Next up was the most amazing…

Kobe Beef Sashimi
himalayan salt, mushroom chips, truffle-mayo

On a pink salt slab and black truffle mayo. NOM!… so soft and just melt in your mouth yumminesssss…

The first 3 was paired with one of the most delicious Rieslings I’ve ever drunk…… nom!

Lobster & Foie Gras Roll
creamy maine lobster, foie gras, soft roll

DELICIOUS. I’m not even a mayo fan but SOOOOO GOOOOOOOODDD… one tin complaint, I wish the roll was soft.

Foie Gras Mousse
melon gazpacho, prosciutto

I just have to say the gazpacho was so light and yummy I could’ve drunk a whole bowl of this stuff!!!

Surfing Duck Foie Gras
marinated daikon, lobster and macadamia nut oil

I think this one could possibly have been my favorite…

Mini Deep Dish Foie Gras Pizza
spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella & foie gras


My half on my plate…

Seared Foie Gras & Texas Corn
cornbread, creamed corn, texas bbq sauce

Up close

This was sooo goood with the corn :] I don’t even like creamed corn but this was so good!!!

The cornbread was a bit dry but had a kick of spice to it… me likey!!!

You’ll see in my next post about my trip to Chicago that I finally had my first Chicago hot dog (or in his words, a “real hot dog”) but I loved how they gave us a mini version:

Chicago Style “Foie Gras Dog”
grilled foie gras, heirloom tomatoes, mango relish, homemade sport peppers


Foie Gras Pierogies
grandma’s dough, ramp kraut

Chicken Fried Foie
black eyed peas & pickled okra and hushuppies

This was the first time I ever had a hushpuppy either. hehehe… everything was so tasty!!!

Beer Fried Foie
beer battered foie gras, north woods slaw, tartar sauce

What a sexy innards shot…

It went really well with the slaw too… nom!!!

So, before our foies came out, the boy was getting steak envy and we were both drooling over all the peoples’ steaks around us…. SO, we ordered a huge yummy steak :] It came out before our last foie dish (the sweet one)

And *surprise*
Asiago truffle fries

55 Day Aged Ribeye
bone-in, 20oz (“Chicago Magazine 2008 Best Dry Aged Steak that was aged in their Himalayan Salt Rom)



Who doesn’t love bone

My last fatty bite

Foie Gras Pot De Creme
robert mondavi moscatto gelee, grilled California peaches

Spoonful of yumminess

Dessert MENU!!!

Guess which one we got ??? :D

This is why we’re hot….

Now that you’ve survived my food porn vomit, you can read the dinner in well-written detail at his blog :]


  1. OH MY! How did you get everything into your tiny tummy?!!! Food looks great! :D


  2. awww! what a delicious meal!! you two are so cute!!!


  3. emily says:



  4. Welcome to Chicago! Primehouse is my favorite steakhouse in the entire world and believe me I’ve chomped my way through a LOT of ’em. Glad you started at the top!
    P.S. Try any of the Akira clothing stores for some gorgeous dresses to wear while steaking.


  5. Drool….amazing amazing dinner!


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    So much Foie, so little time… or maybe just enough… – m i s s t i f f i e . n e t


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