Bye bye wisdom teeth…, Indian Food, Art & Chocolates

Last night I was off the solids (which would be okay but with them banned I wanted everything chewy, munchy, heavy, thick and etc… etc… watching Iron Chef America the same time he was didn’t help at alllllllll either) by 7pm and had my last 9 sticky gooey sweet sea salt caramels for dessert before midnight. I don’t remember the last time I woke up in the morning this starved. I want food I want fooood, fooooooooooooood…

By 8am I was off to my doctor’s, taking 2 little pills to help prevent the pukeyyyy. Daydreaming about afterwards, what I could eat. 9am I’m in the chair and I get hooked onto monitors. Apparently I had no blood pressure? I had to change into the kiddie one because my arm was too small for the adult one. Beep beep beep.. and then came the laughing gas. Mwahaha now I know why people abuse this stuff. “It’ll feel like a glass of wine, tell me if you don’t like it.” It felt like two bottles. Happy happy joy joy. Injection goes into arm and I’m about to ask how long it’ll take for me to fall asleep… but before I can, I’m out.

I wake up in bed resting my mouth completely filled with gauze. My mommy waiting by my bed side. Nurse comes, takes out the gauze. Ooo, bloody. So much novacaine I’m so numb. I sleep some more. Wake up, try to drink some water. And then I’m ready to go home. First I sit up a little. And then I sit up all the way and then stumble to the car. Yay. Home! In my daze I go “Mommmmmy, pillows will be dirty if blood oozes out” (I’m super oozing blood) My mommy thinks I’m cute for being the most worried about dirtying my pretty pillow cases… OH OH OH and since I am meeeeee and Tiffie’s love her ice cream, I spent the whole car ride home with tissues in my mouth going “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiith cweeeeeeeeeeam, swawwwwbewwwyyyy, nilla…. thocooolit” :]  I’m gonna be an interesting preggers lady later on in life. Me and my cravings.

My mommy throws me my Oxycodone and instructions. Haha I feel like such a druggie.. aren’t these the infamous “OCs”??? I’ve been sleeping alllllllllll day. And now I’m up, the novacaine is wearing off and PAAAAAAAAAAIN. btw, I’m definitely growing more and more chipmunk cheeked everytime I wake up :]

source: flickr

Liquids for awhile soooo I did something I thought i’d never do.

BLUEPRINT CLEANSE. Wendy has convinced me enough and in my deliria I ordered some. I’ll blog about it :] Having wisdom teeth out is probably the only time I could ever try this. What other way could anyone else get me to not chew chew chew?!.. This IS the only time I could try this…. Due to forced beyond my control.  Today I’ll have to live up the ice cream because my cleanse starts tmw…. this should be interesting….

source: flickr

I wonder how long this’ll last. It’s sort of like me and diets. They last like 1 day. My mommy said she’d pick it up as soon as I give up on it tho :] Hahahaha…

I chose the:The Excavation Type… and this is a bad reason but soley because I liked the description. “…gives your insides a serious rest so they can finally unearth those crayons you ate when you were three.[ … ] and leaves you feeling brand spanking new.” HEE HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ crayons :]

source: flickr

btw, for us Bostonians. 24 y/0 drove thru red light, crashed into trolley in front cuz he was supposedly texting his gf. dummy dummy poo

Some foods and adventures ya’ll missed out on with me….

MFA for the Titian Tintoretto Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice exhibit

LOOOOOOVED it! You HAVE to check it out! ♥

I got the audio tour of it and was just in LOVE with it all!!!! They had all of their similar paintings side by side for comparisons. Each one was soooo amazing I was in their for most of the day.

Some of my favorites taken from the MFA site

Flora, Titian

Venus with a Mirror, Titian

(the comparison to that was:

Veronese’s Venus with a Mirror)

I was partial to Titian’s work. The creaminess and texture of skin and almost dreaminess to his art. ♥ The works reflected the fashion and culture at the time, and of course the stories… I’m def. going to be heading back at least one or two more times before the exhibit ends in August!!! Anyone wana come with?!

I’m not that big a fan of modern art (minus the Guggenheim museum) but I really liked these:


Veggie Samosas

Spinach salad was all talk, but too much dressing (I even asked for it on the side) and lack of fruit (only a few tiny pieces of watermelon and carrots)

Tandoori Mango Tikka, Baigan Bhartha (eggplant), Apricot & Coconut Naan, Garlic Naan

There you see it,
Now you don’t

Asked for really hot/spicy but it didn’t come out that way, super tasty nonetheless.. which the veggies it came with was fresher tho. I duno, it was good but I’ve had a lot better elsewhere for cheaper and a LOT better service. Service SUCKED here., I yelp’d it.

MMM, naan, see the chunks of apricot & coconut

I stopped by my fav chocolate store on Newbury St. for some chocolates for my mommy (I bought her some liquor ones) and then champagne truffles for our family.

I love animal shaped solid dark chocolates. I put them in my fridge til they get really hard and nibble on them.

The guy knew me there so he gave me free samples. Which is amazing cuz these things are so pricey. So I bought another mini box :]

Happy Mother’s Day ’09
I took my mommy out to Coach Grill for brunch!!!

They have the best bread baskets when it comes to brunch!!! Sel de la Terre‘s is my fav but you actually have to pay for it.

Mommy’s Filet Mignon Benedict… mmmm, looked delicious altho a bit overcooked for me (the cow).. & of course, BACON!!! (Perfectly cooked may I add)

Daddy’s French Toast

In true Lobster girl fashion form… Lobster Benedict and fresh fruit bowl (doused some some tabasco sauce of course.. and some fresh black pepper.. I feel jipped from the eggs..)

Getting excited to chow down…

Weird angle for me but my parents are adorable ♥

Then came dessert time… my parents were stuffed but me, being me…. ate ALL of it.
Warm Blueberry Pie…

I could def. taste the lard in the crust… it was tasty and I ate it but I wouldn’t order it again.

And my fav dessert to get there (other than their freshly baked cobblers)

“Real Chocolate Cake”
These things are HUUUUUUGE… and amazing!!!


[originally published 13:51 but then added the second half 16:43]


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