i mean, it’s related to food…

My friends just know me too well.

Tiffie: haha thats awesome
E: ui swear Food Channel (especially Diners Driveins and Dives) makes me want to take a bite out of the TV
Tiffie: hahah YESSSSS
E: ah. another good one for you:

Tiffie: OMG
Tiffie: brilliant
E: oatmeal fetish + liquid crack = oatmeal crack
Tiffie: well said
E: i wonder if it works…
Tiffie: only one way to find out…

Bounce bounce bounce. Too much coffeee?!… too much CANDY!!!… I’ve been on a sugar high for the past two weeks or something. I really need to cut myself off…. you know… I think I need to start posting more again…

Lookie what I got in my meeting today.. one of my coworkers just came back from London…

vroom vroom…


Thanks to grow spurts in the belly region.. *pot belly* I’ve resorted to wearing looser tops…

Actually, I think this might be a Gilly Hicks nightie….?! *shrugs* I guess it goes with my blankie… *we match*

^ constipated face much?! But I TOLD YOU!!! We MATCH!!!!

Last night I fed Dior some of my soup.. with some rice…

She also stole some poprocks from me on the way to Newburyport the other day…

where I had shredded pork tacos & this humungo thing:

Joy ♥ (that’s mangoes and shrimps and avocado and love, LOTS OF LOVE)

Speaking of which, Saturday I had gone to Rockport…
Lobster, Ice Cream, Strudel, Macaroons, CUPCAKES (12 of them to be exact)

I have this thing for lobsters…

(this is the evil fudge/taffy place where I bought all my candies at…. and when I say evil, I mean HEAVENLY evil!!!) — see taffy picture way above

Strudel House



Doggie Treats

Oh, I also made this for dinner Saturday nite…

Breaded Eggplant… Diced red peppers/onions… summer Squash.. stacked.. all pretty… & soba noodles with mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus wine sauce… touch of truffle oil cuz it’s too darn good.. la la la…

I love you Didi ♥

I just ate a huge bag of HUUUUUGE grapes.. I’m gonna pop @__@ *rubs belly*


  1. I seriously need to stop reading your blog right before dinner because now my stomach is eating itself. You are just too cute :)


  2. love your sunglass!!!! where did u get it??


  3. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for posting. I will probably be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work


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