i eat too much candy…

Wow I absolutely SUCK at posting, huh?!… WELL… after a little talk about it with a certain burrito (haha) I’m dedicating my first food entry in a long time to him.

Tonite, I went to one of my favorites, Aquitaine Bis at Chestnut Hill :] (I’m always a sucker for French.. mmm… what could ever be wrong with delicious breads.. cheeses.. MMMM… everything?!) Our waitress asked why I hadn’t been in in awhile.. she said she missed seeing me @ Sunday Brunch. I love Sunday Brunch, and I love their Sunday Brunch.. I just haven’t been having Sunday Brunch in awhile. This may change. Soon. Maybe not too soon, since I might be seeing “Dora” this Sunday @ Foxwoods :]


I wanted to get the Thursday Plate du Jour but they were out of the Soft Shelled Crab :[ *sadness*

DO YOU SEE THAT?!?! Under Thursday.. freaking buttermilk soft shelled crab… FREAK!… My waitress told me to try again next week @_@ BUTTMUNCH!

So I tried the Eggplant Napoleon… & the Seared Scallops. I’m fat and proud! I’d give better descriptions but the menu has changed since the website menu…. I’ll see if I can find them while I type this out and upload the pics…

I also had a glass of Macon Villages, Domaine Renaud.. I’ve been drinking so much red wine lately that I totally forgot how much I also love whites… it was delicious, a bit dry and crisp :] Went perfectly with my food!

*tilt your head thataway to view* it’s easier when you’re drunk.

Crispy Eggplant Napoleon with confit garlic chevre, wilted spinach and sweet pepper compote
(altho they didn’t have wilted spinach.. it was more of a … watercress?) The eggplant was lightly breaded and fried and stacked.. delicious creamy cheese & a slight sweetness to it…

Seared Dayboat Scallops with spring vegetable succotash & some pea/corn salad with white truffle oil. I suck at descriptions but it was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!!!

AND… I ended the dinner with my fav, the Hot Chocolate Pudding Cake w/ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

… and then i came home ate 2 Fruit tarts, 1 Red Bean Roll and like 5 Red Bean Pancakes (Yay DORA!!!!! xo, EMON)

I would like to end the night with a little something something that I’ve been laughing at all day.

BTW, the cruise post WILL be up.. eventually… I have most of it written I just… don’t know why I haven’t finished…. >_<; Lame, I know. Forgive me?! I’ll bake you cookies :D


oh and the title name.. it’s cuz i’m already on my second pack of chewy japanese yogurt candies :] NOM!


  1. great meal~ And I saw that video through facebook and it made me laugh so much!!! :D


  2. I love this blog!


  3. ALWAYS glad to see you posting!! :-D


  4. foxwoods! i need to go there


  5. Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your blog.



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