“11 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and Drinks”

  1. Green beer. Alcohol shouldn’t color your tongue. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. That’s why I never do shots out of test tubes. Why put the shots that are all juice and coloring into the nerdiest scientific item in the entire bar? They don’t light up your flaming shots with a bunsen burner.

  2. Pink fake bacon (or “fakon”). I don’t get why they do this on vegetarian products. It’s not bacon. It doesn’t taste like bacon. And, worst of all, in their attempts to make it resemble bacon, it’s hot pink with fake off-white marbling.
  3. Purple ketchup. At one point, Heinz decided that kids didn’t want red ketchup any more, they wanted colored ketchup. The stuff looks like, at best, mold.
  4. Blue raspberry. I never understood why blue became the universal color of raspberry in candy. I get that cherry is red, but kids aren’t stupid. And they haven’t lost their vision yet… they can still visually discern between red and maroon or red and vermilion. “Blue raspberry” was such a weird decision someone made once upon a time that stuck.
  5. Crystal Pepsi. Frankly, this was all just an elaborate ruse to cram yet another reference to Crystal Pepsi onto this blog.
  6. Green eggs. My name is Sam. For my entire life I have been tormented by this food. At least when people want to make a lame cultural reference to my name they go for “Sam I Am” and not “I Am Sam”. And then to round it out I could say “Am I Sam?”
  7. Pink butter. Unacceptable. If butter’s pink, how can Americans continue to secretly cook everything in it and fatten up. The pink would leave evidence behind.
  8. White mint chocolate chip. I remember when my mom bought some white mint chocolate chip ice cream. I thought it was weird. Then I ate some and it was effing delicious. Seriously. I think my mom and I would’ve killed a man for trying to take this away from us.I’m fairly sure that green is added to most cheaper mint chocolate chip ice creams just to distinguish it from regular chocolate chip.

    It’s like the green color in the Shamrock Shake. Does it really add a minty taste or is that in your head? (And, more importantly, did you just think to yourself, “Oh shit it’s March 18th McDonald’s is gonna stop selling Shamrock Shakes this week I gotta go buy one before I get McRibbed.”

  9. Purple mashed potatoes. I actually don’t care for mashed potatoes, so this doesn’t gross me out any more than regular white mashed potatoes.
  10. Black tomatoes. These, on the other hand, gross me out hardcore.
  11. Blue duck. I want to eat blue duck because I’ve never eaten a blue duck before and I want to eat one.

Source: 11 Points

Anyways the one that disturbed me the most was PINK BUTTER!!!… and ya’ll KNOW I LOOOOVE the color pink. But HOT PINK BUTTER?!?!?!…. that is SO SO wrong!

btw, I have a HUUUGE cruise post that I’m almost done writing :]


  1. Haha! This post is hysterical!


  2. pink butter??? that’s disgusting!!!!~~~
    looking forward to your next super post!
    I missed u! :)


  3. writeawrong says:

    all very very bad mistakes. good post!


  4. Grace Rhee says:

    the green eggs looks soooo nasty!


  5. Funny post. Glad you are back. You have been missed.


  6. Actually black tomatoes are far superior to regular ones, except perhaps green zebras. Black tomatoes are an heirloom variety with a really great acidity and they smell like summer sun. Don’t knock ’em till you tried ’em. They are the sole reason I’m trying to grow anything at all – they’re SOOOO good!


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