i’m back, soon to be gone, but then back again for good!!!

m ia m iiiiiiii
hai t iiiiiiii
cayyyyy m a n isl a nds
jjjjjjjam ai cacaacacaaaaa
& me-hi-cooooo


i have a lot to explain about my m.i.a.

basically i’ve been having a lot of trouble with my eating. too much or too little and i started to feel obligated to eat a certain way cuz of the blog and when i didn’t i felt guilty not eating enough or eating too much. BUT i’ll be back with a vblog :] and lots of pictures AND i’m back to stay!!! so see ya’ll in a week *kisses


  1. I missed you so much Tiffie!!!!! Really looking forward to see you come back and stay! :D love~~~


  2. I’ve missed you sweetie! I hope you’re okay! fb me if you need to talk about anything okay?


  3. I’ve missed you!!!! ((hugs))


  4. Miss you. Hope everything is okay. Hurry back my friend!


  5. Hope you’re back soon!!


  6. Hope you come back soon! I can really relate to what you’re going through… I feel like there’s a lot of pressure that comes with blogging and I had to stop – it makes me obsessive. Best wishes darling :)


  7. I hope you are back soon!


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