PB/Strawberries & SOLTORO

Korean Happy Cow

This made me giggle sooo much!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!!

Valentine’s Day Strawberries

I bought a box of HUGE RED DELICIOUS FRESH Strawberries and dipped them in melted dark chocolate and white chocolate. I had coconut and almonds for condiments!!! And I also made some pink white chocolate :]

Sol Toro @ Mohegan Sun

Gripes: It COST to get CHIPS!!!! :O But they made the guac fresh from this little push cart in front of you… AND I wanted to get the Pescado Veracruzana but they were OUT of FISH!!! Wtf?!?!… It was like not even 6pm yet!!!!

Ceviche del Dia (it was Shrimp that day)

Tomato juice, avocado, onion, chili habañero ketchup, cilantro

Tostada Chopped Salad w/ Grilled Shrimp

Mixed greens, roasted corn, grilled nopal cactus, avocado, queso fresco, black beans, roasted red pepper, pickled red onion, creamy jalapeño dressing, served in a crispy flour tortilla bowl
I asked for a side of jalapenos and used the green salsa from the tacos to add more spice to it. SOOO GOOOOOD.. and filled with yummies… yay for cactus and the black beans.. two thumbs UP UP UP!!!

SolToro Mixed Grill

Drunken filet mignon, achiote pork tenderloin and chipotle adobo chicken finished with a trio of sauces, served with red rice and refried beans

Braised Pork Tacos

Slow cooked pork, chili habanéro pickled onion, pico de gallo and roasted jalapeño salsa

They were soft and spicy :D


SolToro Flan

Homemade caramel sauce
It was so tinnny esp. compared to the Tres Leches cake… but it was really good and not sweet at all.. the sugar dome was SOOO yummy and I ate almost the whole thing…

Tres Leches

Passion fruit-prickly pear sauce
It was super milky…. so if you’re not big on heavy milky flavor.. it’s not for you..


I also have to tell you the story about my Naturally Nutty PB that I got from the Katie, NNFairy… I finished it in like two days, seriously, scoop after scoop after lick after lick *shame* I’m jonesin’ for more. You guys SO NEED TO BUY SOME TODAY!!! My favorite was the BUTTER TOFFEE.. and then VANILLA :D

I need to buy some replacements ASAP… including some of their ALMOND BUTTER that I really wanna try. DELISH!!! Plus I still need to make cookies for R :]

Speaking of PB, I’ve been wanting to try the stuff @ SPREAD that girlies (like the LOVELY Amy!!!) have been getting :] I remember discovering this place a year or two or three?!?! ago and I keeeeep meaning to get some… but haven’t *shame*


Obsessed… you girls are soooooo right on the money, whyyyyy hadn’t I tried these yet?!?!?!…


  1. Lovely strawberries!

    The meal looks great and its cool they make the guac in front of you!


  2. so many munchies!!!! love them all!!! those strawberries are soooooo cute and lovely!!!!

    oh….. fun video! it made me :P


  3. Love the strawberries! So perfect for V-day!!! Yes, puffins are amazing!


  4. oh man those strawberries look yummy!



  5. I am so impressed with your strawberries – they’re beautiful.

    I love Naturally Nutty, Tres Leches cake and PB Puffins. Your post made me so freaking hungry. I need to go eat some cereal.

    Have a good night!


  6. crap, that cow speaks better korean than i do. and i was born in seoul. fail.


  7. hi tiffff- i love it all! korean cow- waah? and the pretty strawberries, and mexican food, and YES PB PUFFINS are so deliciously amazing!


  8. puaahahhaha… (still giggling)


  9. in love with those strawberries :)


  10. Your food looks great!! So creative with the strawberries. And yes, PUFFINS are AMAZING!!


  11. don’t know where to reply to ur comment, so i’m just typing it here! yesss, i moved to natick last year :( totally boring, though i guess there could be no mall and it could be worse :D a restaurant week date would be fun!


  12. my gosh how i love peanut butter puffins!!!!!!!!!!


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  14. That cow is adorable!


  15. Hey girlie, where have you been? Hope all is well!


  16. I love the cow!! I also really love your strawberries. They are so beautiful, and I’m sure that they tasted amazing!! I hope all is well! You have a very cool site!


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