nutty surprises!!!!

Dinner last nite was growing and growing….

I started off with a huge bowl of kale, chopped beets & bamboo…

& then pork sauteed with tofu (no pic! cuz I didn’t plan on eating it but it smelled soooo gooooood I ate the whole dish and mommy had to make more for daddy!!!)

& 2 huge bowls of bamboo chicken soup :D NOM!

I ended the night (cuz of insomnia) with a Pomelo, Sunflower Seeds, Sour Patch Kids and giant Neon Brite Crawlers….

I couldn’t sleep last nite and didn’t go to bed until 4 or 5. I woke up about an hour later cold + hot. I felt like I was sweating but there was nothing. The blanket burned my skin but the cold air pierced it.

I got tagged by the pretty Missy :] to tell you guys 10 random things about me. I just spent a few days coming up with 25 for my facebook LOL. But here are 10 more. I’m just a weirdo with lots of things to share.

01. I still sleep with my blankie which I’ve had since I was 2. She’s call 抖抖被 (dǒu dǒu bèi).. basically roughly translated to ruffles blankie :] She has ruffles along her sides that are ticklieeeee!!!

02. I’ve been swimming  and takinglessons since I was 3 but didn’t learn HOW to conquer my fear of the deep end and jumping off the diving board until I was like 9.

03. When I was in college I bought a kitten on impulse and kept him in my room. I even bought him a blingin’ diamond necklace. He even had godparents.

04. I’m always cold, I even have my heater on in the summer. My parents think I’m crazy and always try to bribe me to take away my heater when it gets to the summer…

05. I skipped a few grades when I was in elementary school, by the time I was in the 3rd grade I was doing Middle School work. When I moved to the East Coast they wouldn’t let me jump up a few grades without a million tests and so so I stayed where I was just one grade ahead)

06. I like to eat lemons like oranges.

07. I interned at MTV my last summer of college and didn’t do bitch work :D I actually did REAL work. I met SO many celebs that summer but NOT thru me working there (hahaha Ironically enough)

08. One of my favorite things is to spend a whole day at Barnes  & Nobles reading magazines and books. I do this at least once a week.

09. I eat basil like spinach. I buy tons of it and cook it like any other veggie.

10. I have two rooms in my parents’ house. I have my own master bedroom and a smaller “office” room and I have two beds in the house just for me.

I tag anyone who wants to shareeeeeee :D

Today’s Eats:

My mommy made me some oats :] I warmed it up, added an egg and tempeh with a little oyster sauce, black pepper, red pepper flakes and tabasco sauce!!!

Mixed together… mmmmm yolky!!!

4lb 7 1/8oz

3lb 8 1/8oz

AND LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY from the NATURALLY NUTTY FAIRY, Katie :D Thanks sooooooooo much!!! I can’t wait to try it out!!!

The famous Butter Toffee

Honey Roasted Cinnamon

Chocolate Butter Toffee


All together now!!!

SUPPPPPPPPPPPER SEXY!!!! I’m sooo happppyyyy I finally have nut butters back in my house!!!!


  1. luckytastebuds says:

    hello! I feel really lame commenting not knowing if you actually get a chance to read ’em, but I wanted to say MAN I love your Asian-Western fusion food mixes. :) Is that a pomelo???? I love them…but sadly they always do come out so much smaller than you expect after you peel ’em!


  2. wooooooo……that’s a huge pomelo!!! I ate tons of them back in China but just realized that I shouldn’t, since it’s too cold 寒! probably that’s one reason that you’re always cold?

    And such a great surprise!!! I’ve been in your place ;) so I know how happy you are right now! :D


  3. Oh Em Gee! Dibs on the Chocolate nut butter! I need to find me some o’ them!
    Tiffie, Im suffering from Miss Tiffie Withdrawal! Wheres the blog love? catch up! We need more Taiwan pics!
    Oh and in totally unrelated news, My boyfriend took me a supermarket in Koreatown in NYC and I was totally gonna take pics to show off to you, but my camera phone sucks! Oh wells. I totally love it there and am gonna get all my produce from the market! So fresh! and Affordable!


  4. That chocolate butter toffee PB is really good. Can’t wait for you to try.

    Those savory oats sound so good…and I AM ALWAYS cold too. I have space heaters in every room of the house. My husband think I am crazy, but he keeps the thermostat turned down so low. How do you do it up in New England? I don’t think I could survive!


  5. the mtv office in nyc?


  6. Miss Tiffie, I tagged you today. Its your turn.


  7. I am still afraid to jump into the deep end and I am a long way from 9.

    If you ate like I did, you would never be cold.


  8. livelaughlyss says:

    hey! do you have an e-mail address???? i have a question for ya!


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