Picture Overload… Thurs, Fri & Sat

Lately there’s been a burst of Vitamix on the foodie scene. I’m positively drooling over pics of fresh hummus, ice creams, sorbets and smoothies (I’m not even a smoothie person) BUT I am a HUUUUGE FRUITIE (I’m so clever with words haha) & ICE CREAM person so the thought of ice creams and sorbets just gets me giddy. EEEEE… I want one I want one I want one!!!! OH the possibilities…..

Daily Vitamins;

White Tea & Fruits

Strawberries, Blueberries & Grapefruit

Preserved Plums!!!

Teeeeeny Kiwis

I got this shirt in the mail :D LOVES it!!!

I also got these as a present, SOOO pretty!!!

Dinner; Egg Scramble with Tomatoes, Carrots, Spinach and Green Beans


I finished the last of the almond strips I love :[

I woke up to this; ICY

Breakfast; Pomelo & Honeycrisp

Dinner; Egg Scramble with Carrots, Green Beans, Spinach

Preserved Olive

After Dinner Fruits; Mango & Pomelo

Poifulls & Jelly Bellys for Dessert

I also had some Justin’s AB Packets and dried figs (from Erin!!!)


Late Brunch; Pomelo

& a black sesame filled mantou (饅頭)

Snack; Kiwis & Strawberries in the car from Russo’s….

Bar Browsing @ Whole Foods :D I had some interesting finds!!!!!

Dinner; Salmon with Leeks & Tomatoes w/ a side of Steamed Baby Bok Choy

[ pictures coming soon, I still have to DL them off of my camera… and I’ll post a recipe too!!! ]

Dessert; Pineapple

Gummies I’ve been eating all weekend;

Chocolates I’ve also been nibbling on all weekend;

I like to eat while I laptop :D Hahaha… If you haven’t noticed…. oy to mindless sugar munching…

ANYWAYS. I finally stepped on the scale and *WAS SHOCKED* I haven’t been this weight since the end of summer *my parents aren’t too happy that I’m dropping weight again)…. I think Taiwan deprivation has made a huge impact on my appetite and what I crave. Nothing just tastes as good :[ Sigh. I was also addicted (sorry it was so boring and repetitive) to egg scrambles and using up all our old veggies this week. DINNER last nite was AWESOME (and finally something new!!!)

I’m a bit worried. Weight drop. I’m getting really dizzy again (hopefully it’s not my anemia returning.. the last time I checked my blood cells were going up and just my white blood cells were going down… no doctor trips as of yet, I’m trying to get well on my own!) But at least I’m sleeping a lot more normal now!!!

*shrugs* we’ll see. WOKE UP to TONS of snow….. and I’m still snuggled in bed. No brunch and movies today like planned :[ I’m also planning on getting my mommy an ipod nano. And she said she’d get me one too (haha we’re dorks) but not today :[ Boo! I have the 8GB one but I really want the 16GB cuz i still can’t fit my songs on there!!! I’m such a music freak.

I’ll post my eats tonite, add my salmon recipe and pictures AND try to squeeze in a big Taiwan post as well :] I have to prepare for a meeting for tmw tonite too @_@ oy. I have to put together a powerpoint and everything…


  1. L0VAHHHH! You know what you have to do to keep yourself healthy. You are plenty old enough to make the choices you need to make and I know you can do this. Just be smart about it, you know! Be the H0TTIE THAT Y0U AREEE, and balance your diet out a little bit more and you’ll be PERF!

    Love youuuu <3


  2. Looking forward to your salmon recipe. You eat more fruit than anyone I know – I love all the variety. What is a preserved olive? You racked up on the bars at Whole Foods. Love a good bar selection. I need to restock soon.

    Have a good Sunday, and I’m sorry about your weight drop. I hope everything is okay!


  3. hello my dear! i have to ask you where you get those gummies!! i LOVE sugar sooo much and especially gummy candy! those look not only cute but o so tasty! and the rest of your eats look yummy as well! is a pomelo available at wholefoods- i’ve never seen it before but perhaps i’m not searching hard enough! after always seeing them on your blog i really want to try them :) don’t worry about the weight loss– i’m sure you will be back to where you want to be in no time! have you ever considered seein a nutritionist? no worries lady!!! well have a great sunday and stay warm!!!


  4. WOWZA!! Look at all that delicious food :) Yummers…have a great night and thanks so much for the comment!
    <3 jess :)


  5. So jealous of your gummies and snacks. Is it possible to order those beautiful gummies online? Too beautiful to eat. I love your fruit bowls. Always so colorful and full of variety. Take care of your health.


  6. Hey Tiffie, Cam across a really scary email. Just a heads up. Doesnt hurt to be informed – I noticed that some of the items on this recall list are some items you have blogged about before. http://health.msn.com/nutrition/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100231574&GT1=31036


  7. Wow, I feel like I know you! I have family in ShinZu too (and some in Taipei) but now I live in the US…and find myself ALWAYS craving night market food!! Especially shaved ice and “sweet not spicy” hehehe! I’m so glad to have found your blog and re-live some good ol’ Asia times. Thanks for such fabulous pictures!! I look forward to more. :)


  8. seeleelive says:

    wow look @ all those pics !! i love the vitamins, the tee shirt, the mango and the strawberries!! YUM!


  9. those chocolates are bea-u-tiful! I am LOVING those gummies. I’m thinking I’m going to have to go to Taiwan just to get them! mmmmm.


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