Taiwan – Dec 24 – Xmas Eve!!!

For about a week I was starting my day with TWO cherimoyas (Shijia or 釋迦)… mainly the pineapple-cherimoya hybrid cuz they were huge and super sweet.

These particular ones were bigger than my head. :O And uuuuber delicious!!!! How do I even begin to describe the taste?!?!… silky and smooth and super sweet. Gah! Can’t, you just need to eat it yourself :D Here’s a description I found off of wiki: The fruit is fleshy and soft, sweet, white in color, with a sherbet-like texture, which gives it its secondary name, custard apple. Some characterize the flavor as a blend of banana, pineapple, and strawberry.

Anyways.. then we were off on the train to go visit my grandma…

This is me and my auntie on the train!!!

..in Hsinchu and then off to get some eats!!!

Hsinchu’s Chenghuang Temple (新竹城隍廟) & Night market.

Selling 麦芽糖 (Malt Candy)

I love it best plain with peanut powder

My mommy loves it in wafers with peanut powder and cilantro (more on that after we eats!)

We found a nice spot next to the shrine and ordered.

This place is known for their famous Ba Wan (肉圓) All the stalls have it.

Taiwanese snack food, consisting of a 6-8 cm diameter disk-shaped translucent dough filled with a savory stuffing and served with a sweet and savory sauce. The stuffing varies widely according to different regions in Taiwan, but usually consists of a mixture of pork, bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushrooms.

The gelatinous dough is made of a combination of corn starch, sweet potato starch, and rice flour, which gives it its chewy, sticky, and gelatinous texture and a greyish translucent hue. Ba-wan are initially cooked by steaming; however, they may also be served after being deep fried to give them a “skin” or gently poached in oil to heat them without drying them out.

To make things simple it’s like a mochi with sauce on it and meat in the middle.


& of course my fav: Gongwan Tang (貢丸湯;) (Pork Ball Soup)

Intestines Soup

The malt candy wafers that we bought earlier:

See the cilantro, malt candy and the peanut powder?

It’s best when the candy isn’t TOO sticky/chewy but just right. When you bite into it the flavors meld together so well. The crunch but blandness of the wafer, the chewy sticky sweetness of the malt, the slightly salty and powdery peanut and the almost savory cilantro. SO FREAKING GOOD.

Don’t I actually look like I’m NOMING. Like the sound coming out of me.


My other favorite. Oyster pancake (蚵仔煎)

And then… I saw it *hearts*


Tanghulu typically has a hardened sugar coating that comes from dipping the skewer in sugar syrup, but versions can also be found with a second chocolate coating, or sprinkles. The fruits used are traditionally Chinese hawthorn (shānzhā, 山楂) but in recent times vendors have also used strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, kiwifruit, or grapes, resembling a fruit kebab.

All together now, NOM!!!

Super famous bakery!!! (This is where we bought those almond powder strips my daddy likes!!!)


Christmas Eve Dinner!!!
We went to a fancy DIM SUM place on the top of a SOGO.

Dessert was free Cashew Soup & Fruits

Creamy and delicious!!!

Tasty :D

Next entries: Trip to 4 day, 3 nights in Taichung!!!


  1. You sure get a lot done in a day! Also, I heard you like cupcakes? http://tinyurl.com/84qx2x


  2. Hey! great post! Thanks for the comments. Def Count me in for the Youtube thing! Email me moniquer83 AT gmail DOT com


  3. OK, I thought all I wanted was one of those malt candy wafers…peanut powder…cilantro? Sounds amazing. Love the action Nom Nom shot by the way! :)

    But, then I got to the end of your post, and now I all I can think about is cashew soup. I gotta get to Taiwan!


  4. thanks so much for posting about your trip – I’ve had so much fun looking at all the fabulous looking foods!


  5. ah the pics are awesome! seeing the dim sum pictures made me crave it bad! hopefully i can get to some this weekend :)


  6. i loved these pics!! i love seeing REAL & AUTHENTIC taiwanese food! those malt wafers look sooo yummy and so unique!! i’m glad you had such a good time!! and that picture of you “nomming” is so darn cute! xoxox


  7. FollowMyWeigh says:

    aww i love all your taiwan pics!!!! i so want to go~~ everything looks awesome. and i LOVE your nom nom pic hahaha


  8. MISS TIFFIE! THIS POST IS SO AMAZING! Oh my goodness! so much delicious food! I would love to try the Ba Wan someday since I ADORE mochi. And pork ball soup is so so good!!

    Loving seeing such amazing Asian food. Feels like home! :)


  9. Wow all that food is incredible, so much of it I have never even heard of or seen!! That malt candy sounds so delicious!! Hope you had an amazing time!!



  1. […] is pretty tasty…  the 夫妻肺片 [Beef/Triple in Hot Chili Oil], Taiwanese staple 彰化肉圓 [Ba-Wan – Large Taiwanese Dumpling made from a gelatinous dough and stuffed with pork…g ;D KINDA freaks me out that they have “Thai Dishes” on their menu cuz seriously?! […]


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