Still in Taiwan Withdrawal :[

Is this seriously what jet lag does to you? I keep waking up several times in the middle of the night. And I’m sooo tired by 8-9ish… like DEAD tired. Argh. I’ve also been getting this horrrrrible stomachaches from deep inside the pits of my intestines and stomach. They feel empty. But the weird thing is, I’ve been listening to what my body wants and what it craves and…. conclusion? I’M IN TAIWAN WITHDRAWAL!!! BAD!!!! :'[ Not even the Taiwan snacks I’ve brought back with me can curb it. It’s that bad….


Breakfast: Chinese Herbs & Pear & Grapes!!!

Lunch : [Censored due to extreme sexiness]
Two ooogey gooooooooooey fried eggs on top of some steamed kale :] AND some Tofu Ru :D NOM!!! Image of perfection!!! But I dug into it and on my last bite I remembered I didn’t take a pic. DOH! Hunger always wins. Just use your imagination. I’ve been dreaming about gooey yolks and this totally satisfied me and kept me fulllllllll………

Ok not really, the picture came out blurry :[ I really should stop being lazy and using my iphone all the time…

OOOOO Box #2 came from Taiwan and here are some stuff of mine that were in it.


Egg scramble with green beans, tomatoes, spinach & MUSHROOMS!!!! :D I’m boring. Deal with it. I loooove this combo!

I had THREE bowls of the lotus root soup <3 SO good!!! Doncha love my bunny butt bowl? I have it in BLUE too!!!

& for fruitsss…


Cherries (I ate a moldy one, ew)

And thennnnn… the cravings kicked in…

My dad’s fav, they’re like almond powder strips

SOOOO almondy and delicious!!!

THE BEST PINEAPPLE CAKES EVER (we have 3 different brands)

THESE are THE best!!

Soft and delicious and the pineapple was soooo soft… and fresh!!!

& EGG YOLK!!! I don’t even like mooncakes with eggyolk but in pineapple cakes it’s amazing. Especially THESE ones!!! Perfect balance of sweet and salty and chewy and creamy…

I *blush* ate 3 with egg yolk and 2 without…

THEN I had 3 of these pinenut cakes

I must’ve been oozing yummie-ness cuz Dior could NOT keep away from licking my legs all night. What a perv ;]

I finished watching MEET BILL (such a funny movie) and then ate some more Taiwan gummies and a few chocolates from my beautiful chocolate box.



Boringgggggg…. A huge bowl of Wildwood Soyogurt and my beloved GoLean ♥ & some blueberries and chopped strawberries. I was mindlessly eating and working and NO PIC. This seems to be a theme recently with lunch….



My beloved Tofu Ru

Kale & Butternut Squash
Up close and personal.

I also had some chicken that my mommy made… no picture I totally forgot cuz it was a little after I ate already and I was playing with Dior and nibbling.

And a huuuuge bowl of Lotus Root soup :D I LOOOVE lotus root, so yummy!!!

I got a GIFT in the MAIL today :D

I’m such a lucky girl :D Thanks Grace <3


Another Taiwan post or two tomorrow:] Promise ;] & I promise more interesting eats soon…. AND a grocery trip to Russo’s is MUCH needed this weekend!!!

PS. ANYONE INTERESTED IN DOING A COLLABO-YOUTUBE CHANNEL WITH ME?!?!?!… I’m thinking foodies… everyone picks a day to talk about whatever they want, mostly foodie-related it’d be fun :] Posting them up every week. Answering questions and just goofing off :] There are a lot of them on youtube already and one of the newest ones I’m a fan of is the Hawaii based one: 5 Awesome Dakines (so you guys can see what I’m trying to get at here)

SOOOOOO if anyone is interested let me know :]


  1. Girl you really racked up in Taiwan! I love seeing all the fun candies and chocolates – so different from what we have here! Love gooey yolks as well…and the bunny butt bowl. Have a good night! :)


  2. blueskyworld says:

    i absolutely love your fruit bowls! YUM YUM YUM ;]


  3. omg! that chocolate looks AMAZING!! mouth=watering now!!! thanks for sharing all the great things from taiwan! love it!!! & of course dior looks oh so adorable! have a great night tiffie! xoxo


  4. FollowMyWeigh says:

    can i get those pineapple cakes in asian markets in america?? i don’t think i’ve ever tried them~ they look yummy though!
    ew moldy cherries, but perfect cherries are the BEST!!!

    ps the youtube thing looks fun! i don’t know if i would be able to do that though!


  5. Your pineapple cakes makes me jealous. I’ve never had the ones with egg yolk, but I can imagine how delicious it can be. The ones they sell at the Asian markets can’t compare to the authentic fresh ones. Mmmm…. drooling

    I tried to do one of your ginormous bowls of fruit one day and after eating a medium apple, I could not eat the rest anymore. I don’t know how you can do it.

    Love your foodie entries. BTW I had lotus soup for the past 2 nights too. Yes, lotus root is very good. =)


  6. Hey Tiff! Need a foodie from NYC?
    I really enjoy your blog. Hit me up anytime!
    Im jealous of your goodies from Taiwan… My officemate is Chinese and often takes me for walks in the Candy Stores/Bakeries in Chinatown. YuM! And Educational.


  7. Love all your food! The fruit bowls look delicious!! By the way, I just tried my first Persimmon and loved it!! I’d love to try the dry ones! Have a nice one!


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