Snowed in Sunday :]

Snowy with the chance of snow.

I made a yummy chicken broth soup with eggs and corn, some scallions and FISH BALLS.. I was lazy and just wanted something warm in my belly. And I needed to get my daddy to eat something nutritious since he’s got a cold. TEEHEE. No pic tho. Use your imagination.




Breakfast er.. lunch?… I woke up super late today…

My stomach’s been feeling funny all day…

Grapes & Cherries Bowl #1

Cherries & Grapes Bowl #2

Afterwards I munched on some date/walnut cakes, had another pinenut cake and some japanese red bean jellies with mochi centers :] Super-stealthily of course so NO pics!!! (I’m SO bad with pics lately)

I finally got this ♥

I ended the night with some Tai Yan Bing (Sun Cakes aka 太陽餅)

Super flakey on the outside with a soft chewy sweetness in the inside. I’m actually not sure what the inside is… but it’s very honey like.

Some Dior cuteness…

Her new socks!!!

& hat (look how cool she is, she tilted it to the side all sexy like)

She’s right, it’s night night time!!!! :] The weekend went by WAYYY too fast!!!


I got tagged by Follow My Weigh <3

4 favorite memories from 2008
** Well my FIRST memory of 2008 was being pulled into a bathroom with a girl on coke to hold her hand while she POOPED!!! @_@ Yeah, life is interesting :] HAH..  It’s a not a fav, but I thought I’d throw in a freebieee!!!
1. Seeing Dior for the first time at the airport!!
2. My birthday dinner @ Ninja with my closest friends
3. Lan & Max Brenner :]
4. Miami

4 favorite movies in 2008:
1. Juno
2. Dark Knight (BEST movie all summer!!!)
3. Superbad (I know this came out summer 2007 but I watched it SO much the first half of 2008 hahaha)
4. Iron Man

4 favorite foods in 2008:
1. Squash!!!! All of them!!! Esp Butternut Squash!!
2. TJ’s Gummy Penguin Tummies (eee!!! Just like Follow My Weigh)
3. Fresh Figs & Pears Oatmeal w/ Soyogurt and Honey
4. Cherimoyas

4 places I loved in 2008
1. Manhattan
2. Taiwan!!!!
3. Rome
4. & of course my beloved Boston

4 events I loved in 2008:
1. My 24th Birthday in NYC
2. My trip to Acadia, Maine
3. Going to Taiwan!!!!
4. Coming into the foodie blogging world and meeting the most amazing people <3

4 things I liked in 2008:
1. Dying my hair back to BLACK!! LOOOOOVES it!!!
2. Getting into vegetarian and vegan cookbooks..
3. CUPCAKES!!! But I always do… :] So pretty *pets a cupcake
4. Short shorts & Scarves (I know I’m weird, but I wore those in the summer!)

4 things I am looking forward to in 2009:
1. Getting healthier!!!
2. All the Traveling I plan on doing!!!
3. More cooking, baking, eating and blogging about it :]

People i tag:
1. Coco
2. Erin
3. Heather
4. Jaime

I forgot to show off my baggie of gummie candies from SOGO (Taiwan)

NOM NOM!!! My mommy brought them back for me!!!


  1. blueskyworld says:

    Dior is SO CUTE! yorkshire terrier???

    OMG don’t tell me you’re RAIN fan! I am absolutely a HUGE fan of rain! i LOVE rain! hahahah i’m trying to get hold of his latest album but can’t seem to find it. ='(

    anyways he is so inspirational since he has worked so hard. i can’t wait until i watch his new movie called ninja something ;]

    btw I love all your fruit pictures!!! hahah i love fruits too!

    i hope we could become good friends in this blogging world!!
    visit me when you have the time! thanks~


  2. Dior – love the socks…and your big bowl of cherries. Looks like you did as well by the looks of those pits.

    Wow, you’ve been so some amazing places this year! Can’t wait to hear about your travels in 2009!

    Thanks for the tag. I gotta remember to do this in my next post.


  3. FollowMyWeigh says:

    yay for gummy penguin tummies!!!! :D
    i don’t like the yellow ones though lol


  4. love your blog too lady!! :) thanks for the tag– i’ll def do it tonight!! i went to rome this year too (my thrid time!)– one of my favorite cities in the world! i am still very jealous of your trip to taiwan !! heheh :) have a great night doll! ps your dog is THE cutest thing i’ve seen!


  5. shoot i want some cherries now!

    lovin the taiwan action too. did i tell you that my best friend in the whole wide world is taiwanese? she says im more asian that her…. (the fam lived in japen so our house/food back home is asian-ed out. it’s dat asian pursuasion!! )


  6. You never cease to amaze me how much fruits you can fit into one day. Love the Dior shots. =)


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