Yesterday, Today – Super Fruit Filled!!

To start off my friday I had…. some fresh fluffy….

Found on Adventures in Bentomaking

HEHEHEHE… just kidding!!!

Breakfast was….

Grapefruit & Bananerrrrr :D I’m running low on fruits again but I’m lazy to go out and shop.. it’s cold and icy @_@

OMG another lost picture… I SWEAR I took one too!!!

I had a HORRRRRIBLE stomachache ALL morning and afternoon so for a late afternoon snack I had the rest of my papaya and blueberries. It actually calmed my stomach down a lot!!! I also was sipping on Chamomille all day long… I suppose that helped too ;]

OK, I CONFESS!!!, all day long I’ve been munching on Erin‘s Yogurt Passion. In fact, I’m already onto BAG #2!!!! It went so fast I didn’t take a snap :[ I have found my weakness in the form of delicious yogurty salty crunchy yumminess!!! THANKS SO MUCH E!!! :D

Follow My Weigh had got me CRAVING kimchi, so for dinner I made an eggwhite scramble with spinach, tomatoes & mushrooms on top of a TON of kimchi!!!!

You can’t see the kimchi underneath but it was SOOO spicy and wonderful!!!

For a dessert I had a Red Pear & Strawberries!! SOO YUMMIE!!!!

Last night I was freaking out about lack of fruit and the snow storm coming this weekend so Daddy made a fruit run @ Costco for me :] Unpictured are the papayas & kiwis!!!

I was so excited so I made myself a huge bowl of grapefruit, blueberries & strawberries

I also finished off the last bag of Yogurt Passion from Erin :] Delish!!! I’m now working on finishing up my dried figs & pluots :]

Strangely I haven’t been hungry and I only craved grapes…

Ginormous Bowl #1

While I’m watching THE WACKNESS on my laptop

& Ginormous Bowl #2

Now I’m so full I’m gonna POP. I’ll write later :] And probably another Taiwan post!!!



  1. Lovely fruits. Our Costco does not have papaya right now. I’m jealous!


  2. I love all the fruits and that picture of the kitty kitty! I am SO happy you loved the trail mix – it’s like a drug!


  3. tiffie!! lovely eats for the day! :) i love all the fruit & again i love how you eat all this interesting fruit i’ve never tried– you def inspire me to try new things! sorry you weren’t feeling well earlier but i hope you are feeling better now !!! stay warm in this storm lady! xoxooxx


  4. by the way– i thought i def left you a comment on your taiwan post but i don’t think it ever showed up! your trip looked amazinggg & you love sweets like me (yay!!) i would love to go to taiwan– definitely on my list of places to visit!


  5. Wow, that’s a whole lotta fruits. Love your healthy lifestyle.


  6. FollowMyWeigh says:

    seriouly u eat so much fruit its awesome!! :P


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