Taiwan – Dec 21 – Grocery Madness and Family Reunion

This song was EVERYWHERE while I was there… it was stuck in my head so much I ended up buying the cd before I left…



國王皇后 (King & Queen) – 大嘴巴 (Da Mouth)

Imagine a costco sized grocery store. Now read on…

The first thing I saw when I walked in (it was only a few blocks away from my hotel)

Anyways I took tonsss of photos but here are the highlights and the more unique things I saw :]

Snackdom insanity

Chips!!! I don’t even eat chips, but I think I just might if I lived here…


Chips from my mommy’s day :] She wanted to buy some but then was fine with just taking a picture for memory. “I don’t think they were even good…”


Shroom-gasm :D

Bulk Fish Cakes


Black Chicken, White Chicken (I have Black Chicken soup later on in another entry!!!)


Cooked Food.. by the Bulk

I think that was intestine..

Piggie Ears

Animal innards… I think the bottom left is hearts..

Market Bakery (altho it wasn’t very good… sad, but then again Taiwan, anywhere is good bread so compared this is just ok)

Hello Kitty teas & juices

There were so many celebs on teas and drinks here.. weird.

More drinks & Hello Kitty


Sparkling Vodka :D Haha..

If you can read Chinese and are anti-Chen Shui-Bian (ugh too embarrassing to explain right now)

It’s really funny.

My buddy at the arcade by the market

This was our cart:

(I seriously couldn’t get over this awesome invention, altho bummed you can’t sit IN the cart while it goes up)

Me+ My Cart

I’m so happy… omg, what a doRkus.

AFTERWARDS, we were off to family reunion (on my mommy’s side) and when we reunion we go ALL out, I have so many cousins and aunts and uncles from this side I can’t even count them all. Not all of them showed up but I saw most of them during the 2 weeks in Taiwan.

臺北 Taipei

Taking the uuber clean and always on time subway… (apparently they even won awards!!)

On the train (台灣高速鐵路 aka Taiwan High Speed Rail) to 新竹 (Hsin Chu) (where a lot of my uncles live, which is funny cuz most of my aunts live in 臺中 (Tai Chung), talk about grouped together @_@)

This is REALLY funny cuz my aunt (from dad’s side) used to teach me to pee ON the toilet. SO dangerous.

Asia always has the coolest flavors :[

btw, their desserts/pastries are a million times better at the Starbucks there than here too!!
Where we ate:


(not everyone is there but some)

I thought this was AWESOME

Beware of the bears!!! I wish I saw one :[

The place was so pretty..

Now, onto the best part…
Good old(school) Taiwan cooking

The soup is the herbal soup with shrimps!!

Fatty Pork w/ Bamboo!!!

Fishieeee and REALLY good (but too sweet for me) Tofu Ru

Veggies & Bonito Flakes

Chicken Livers

Everyone was making me eat them… cuz of my anemia, but… bleh, not a fan.

My gorgeous cousins trying the livers…

More healthy soup and that’s yam rice :]


Fried Nien Gao (red bean with peanuts).. it was TOO peanuty for my taste, I prefer plain red bean nien gao with chunks of red bean :D NOM!

Ok it wasn’t EVERYTHING we ate that night, the food wasn’t really that superb, it turned out to be the ehhest food of the trip but any food is better than here haha…

The gorgeous Hsinchu train station

While I waited for the train


PHEWWWWW, picture overload much?! I’ll try to write another Taiwan post tonite.. the next one will be a visit to Taipei 101… FOOD COURT!!! hahaha… I did some shopping there as well but those pictures aren’t as fun to look at on a FOOD BLOG now is it? :D


  1. I am so jealous! My DH and I went to an Orlando market the other day and tried some great foods we’d never had before … some were big hits … others, not so much.

    I have pictures here:


    Thanks for posting!



  2. what a fun grocery trip, I could have spent hours there!


  3. hahah omg the cart goes up the escalator?!?! i am SO jealous of your taiwan trip, you seem like you had an amazing time.

    what is it about getting your hair washed there that makes it stay clean for so long? i would love to have my hair cleaner for longer.


  4. That store is unbelievable. I would have been totally overwhelmed as I’m sure I would want to try everything! Glad you got to see so many family members. Looks like a good time. Yam rice? Sounds yum!

    PS – The Target in Atlanta has an escalator for you shopping cart. I thought it was the coolest thing.


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