Boo, you Bore!

I haven’t slept this much in like… a year!!! At least… man. I fell asleep around 8? I woke up at 930 and then 1230 and then 330…. and then 630… I hung out in bed for a bit and decided to get up, do some morning exercises & stretches and start work early.

Eats yesterday were boring because…. jetlag has got me. And, like I said, nothing here is as good as Taiwan food :[

Late Breakfast

Grapefruit & Blackberries

Early Dinner

Steamed Kale, Carrots & Steamed Butternut Squash (that’s my hand trying to get Dior off of the food haha) – there’s some leftover chicken under there..

But today’s Taiwan post will be exciting!!! It’s when I go to this mega grocery store the size of Costco :D So look out for that, and if I don’t fall asleep I’ll update ya’ll on today’s eats.


I totally forgot to mention my GIFTS I got in the mail yesterday!!!

DELICIOUS Yogurt Passion from my lovey Erin @ Care to Eat!!!!!!

Rum Cake & Aromatherapy set from my Di <3

Anonymous, I duno who got me these, they had a note but no name :[
Dried figs & pluots


  1. Wow – sounds like you are worn out. Glad you’re getting plenty of rest…kind of jealous too as I’m behind on sleep. Can’t wait for more posts on your trip. Have a good Thursday!


  2. ME! THEY’RE FROM ME! I thought I put my name on there – oops. :)
    Enjoy them sweet pea!


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