I’m back!!!!!!!!! & severely in Taiwan withdrawal

I miss it :[ esp the FOOD!!! (haha I gained a lot of weight in Taiwan from eating but I’m scared to weigh myself. I could eat that stuff forever… NOM!) Anyways I have over a thousand pictures and movies to show you guys and 2 weeks worth of food posts >_<; I duno where to begin so I’ll be continuously posting thru-out the next week or so to finish it all off!!! This’ll include my regular daily posts!!! I’ve missed you all and I’m currently reading thru all of your past blog posts!!

Updates will include all my dinner parties.. night market eats, & even a Hello Kitty Sweets dessert/cafe :D

Address: Hello Kitty Sweets


90 Da’An Road, Taipei, Taiwan

(Da’An Road is across the road and perpendicular to the big Sogo department store on 45 Zhongxiao East Road (Sec. 4)).

Ph: (02) 2711-1132

OKOK, I’ll start posting soon :D



  1. Welcome home Tiffie. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about your trip.
    PS – Where do you find dried kiwi? Online? I’ve been watching Erin eat it, and I’m so curious. Sounds delicious.


  2. I’m so glad you’re BACK! You are so cute in that picture. :) Oh man, we ripped through the dried fruit like it was our last meal! Now that you’re home expect a little something bay bay! ;)
    P.S. Don’t weigh yourself! I just got home from Oregon where I ate like craze and I just dodged the scale this morning. ;)
    YAY! So happy you’re back!


  3. FollowMyWeigh says:

    welcome back!! :D glad you had an awesome time in taiwan, looking forward to the posts! – me too, i’m scared to go on the scale! ;)


  4. Yayayayayyy!!! I missed you SO much babycakes! My PIC, thank goodness you are BACK! :) Weeeee!

    AND DON’T STEP ON THE SCALE. There is NEVER a point and it NEVER does any good. Just don’t. I don’t own one, my fam NEVER has and I don’t know my weight ever (Whenever I have it has been disasterously damaging….) . Anyway, I’m sure you are fabulous and you were probably the happiest you’ve ever been in Taiwan! I can’t wait to see and hear about everything!

    Oh and your “Happy Holidays” card? So freaking cute I could have cried! love you so!!


  5. So glad you are back. I missed your foodie pics.


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