almost time for lift off…

The past few days have involved lots of… FOOD :D Especially two nights ago when I went nuts and just ate 3 packs of figs. One in oatmeal, one with yogurt and leftover oatmeal and one with yogurt AND honey :D Here is a mixture of pics to get you in the mood…



(I’ve also been eating guavas and pomelos, one or two a day, like CRAZY!!!)

I didn’t eat her :] But here she is with her cute leg warmers!!!

Lots of Oatmeal

My fav, topped with this:

Oh my yum!

Dior loves it too

Vanilla, Strawberries + Blueberries

Saturday Night Mustard Salmon

It was soooo tender and delicious!!!

The sides were mashed yams (made with some soy egg nog) topped with fried shallots and steamed broccolini!!

Brunch on Sunday @ Met Bar (the one with the cute blonde waiter!!!)

OMELETS: Egg Whites / Lots of Veggies &
FRESH FRUIT PLATE: Organic Yogurt / House Made Granola

ALASKAN KING CRAB CLUB SANDWICH: Crispy Crab Cutlet / Avocado / Pepper Jam/ B.L.T. / Chipotle Mayo on Old Bay Knot Roll

MINI BURGERS: LA – “THE IDOL”: Avocado / Bacon / Lettuce / Tomato / Sprouts / Roasted Garlic Mayo
on Sesame Seed Bun

I loves you!!!

More junk:
Chocolate Panforte

Vosges Honey Truffles

Chocolate RUM Figs!!! With almonds in the center soooo rummy <3

Italian cakey bread (kinda like panettone) w/ liquor in it

Another IV Session Monday!!! My red blood cells are finally going up!!! But the white blood cells have dropped super low :[

Today I started off with… lots of meetings :] And I managed to get some papaya in when they were all over and I was running errands (the last of xmas gifts and cards sent out… bringing Dior to her babysitters…)


I had a grande Americano from Starbucks…
& then a quick YUMMY dinner @ Whole Foods (w/ WHITE CITRUS TEA!!!)

And just now I had 2 packages of blackberries and a delicious pear!!! (Need to eat EVERYTHING up since I’m leaving at 330am to the airport!!!)

I got a gift today :] SURPRISE on my doorstep!!! :D

OKAY, time to wash off my banana facemask (haha) and make sure I’ve packed everything I need!!!

I already miss my baby :[

Until next time I’ll most likely be on a plane or overindulging in TAIWAN!!!! I’ll try to post there :D I brought my cords and everything to DL pics!!! HEHEHE…

xoxo, TIFFIE


  1. your dog is precious! love the pink outfit ;) have fun in taiwan. hope things go smoothly for you


  2. Have fun in Taiwan. Can’t wait to see all your lovely food pics.


  3. enjoy your trip in Taiwan! I’m also on a trip to Asia (Singapore) and am having good eats everyday~


  4. Tiffie! I think I got it, but as I wasn’t at home, it’s in the leasing office. I’ll get it by this morning when it opens. I can’t wait to see the surprise!!!!!!! :D
    safe flight girl~~~~ and keep in touch!!!!!

    all your eats look fabulous!!!! And you know what’s funny? I’ve been looking hello kitty’s stuff on taobao and I think I’ll buy a lot of them this time in China!!!!


  5. Your heaping bowls of oats always look so tasty! Silk Eggnog in mashed yams? That sounds so good – I’m going to try it this week, and I love the roaring fire in the background. So inviting. Safe travels!


  6. FollowMyWeigh says:

    That picture with your dog is soo cute =) Wow you are such a fruit girl, I need to be like that~

    Have fun in taiwan!!


  7. OMG hav the bestest time ever! I completely miss my babies whenever I travel. FUCK MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY! My pup and kitty cat are my heart’s devotion <333

    Can’t wait to hear all about it and read your posts FROM Taiwan!! :)


  8. I adore you and I LOVE LOVE this post! Your pics are totally original. I love Dior. I totes hope you can post in Taiwan. I’d love to see what you at there. :) I decided to hold off on sending you a little sumthin’ sumthin’ until you got back. Muah! Have a blast!


  9. Oh so cute, she’s so small.
    I been thinking of getting a yorkie but not sure.


  10. Honey truffles??? Oh my gooodness, those sound AMAZING. I love Vosges.

    Have a fun and safe trip! Can’t wait to see pics.


  11. thats so funny you at all those figs thats like my friend who at 3lbs of clementines one night.. though he ate a lot more but its still


  12. WOW – This is my first visit to your blog and I love it…. so many pictures. I will be a regular.



  13. seeleelive says:

    haahah such cute pup!! and i love the face mask-v important to treat ourselves :-)


  14. There’s the obvious fig thing going on, but a subtle honey thing to. I hear that Panettone makes the best bread pudding. If that’s a thing you like =) Love the blog, and the dog. It must be late because I’m beginning to rhyme. Happy Holidays in Taiwan =)


  15. Hey Miss Tiffie!
    I love your blog. I recently started my own. Quite a mouthful! Hope you can stop by sometime. happy Holidays!


  16. haha your dog is seriously adorable!!

    i love your eats! they are always so colorful and fun! it has been sooo long since I’ve had a fig1

    happy holidays!! take care Miss Tiffie!!!


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